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Sunday, May 4, 2014

49) Special Features : A Deacon Chalk Short Story Collection by James R. Tuck

The Blurb :

Deacon Chalk has hunted every monster under the sun. Now read the stories that happen when no one else is looking.

My Thoughts :

Deacon Chalk, Occult Bounty Hunter, is a special hard-ass of a guy who I love to read about.  He is the guy you always want on your side and not one you want to mess with.  He has seen and done things that you can't even imagine which makes reading the books about him well worth checking out.  No holds barred the series is great Paranormal Urban Fantasy.

This collection of short stories is a nice addition to the series and an interesting selection of information about the man himself.  The author also stars in some of the stories and it is fun to how the writer ties up everything in the Deacon universe to fit in with his own life.

Some of the stories may, if you are a fan of the man, be ones you have come across before as guest posts on various blogs.  Otherwise there is a nice selection of new original stories that will delight anyone who has been enjoying the series so far.

I am not a huge fan of anthologies or short stories but James R. Tuck does a nice job of putting this one together and obviously made the time to make this reader friendly for the fans by introducing each piece and explaining where it came from and why it was written.

Well worth checking out but don't expect the full length goodness that you are used to in the series so far.  Deacon Chalk is too huge in so many ways and can't be expected to fit into such small stories.

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