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Saturday, August 16, 2014

90) How the White Trash Zombie got her Groove Back by Diana Rowland

The Blurb :

It’s zombie versus zombie as the Saberton Corporation declares war against the Zombie Mafia, kidnapping several of their party. It falls to Angel to lead the remnants of her gang halfway across the country to claw their way through corporate intrigue, zombie drugs, and undead trafficking to rescue her friends—and expose the traitor responsible for their abduction...

My Thoughts :

It has been a slow reading week and this book didn't help me.  I had this on pre-order because the series is original and fun...Oh and I love the author.   However this time around I wasn't really into it for a couple of reasons.  The story seemed to drag and take forever even at my fast reading pace and the direction of the story is just not what I expected.

Giving a book a bad review because I don't like the way the story is developing isn't my thing and there is a lot of great stuff in this fourth installment.  The concept and originality still grabs me as a reader but the whole big corporation against the little people is not what I was expecting from this series.  A nice mystery surrounding a body from Angel's workplace, the morgue, would have been cool but instead this book sends us to New York and on a very crazy load of kidnapping and strange developments.

The great writing style and the sassy zombie are still in there which kept me going to the end.  There are some great characters and some laughs but this fourth part didn't leave me as excited as parts one and two did.  I am not sure if I am the only person who isn't enjoying the route this series is taking and maybe it was just a one time thing and next time it will turn around and go in a different direction but I think next time I will leave the pre-ordering and just get the book if and when.

Still loving this author and still enjoying the concept but I am wary of the future.  Maybe I just wasn't in a good reading mood and this is the book that caught up in it but I won't know for sure unless I revisit this series again sometime.  I do actually want to try this one on audiobook so hopefully I will enjoy this one more a second time around.

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