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Saturday, August 23, 2014

92) Brain Trust by Christopher Golden

The Blurb :

Spring break is prime time for R&R, fun in the sun, and all things low-key. So when Jenna Blake goes to Florida with her roommate, Yoshiko, the last thing she's expecting to find is another mystery. Well, you can take the girl out of the ME's office, but...

A series of seemingly natural deaths turn out to be suspicious when each of the bodies proves to have mysterious growths of some kind. Needless to say, despite Yoshiko's concerns that her roommate is missing the point of a vacation, Jenna can't stay away from this case.

After autopsies, another common denominator among the victims presents itself. And when further research reveals similar deaths in other states, Jenna starts to wonder if the deaths were indeed natural. As the body count climbs, Jenna's break gives way to a dangerous chase. With Slick and Danny back in Massachusetts, Jenna has only herself to rely on...for survival.

My Thoughts :

I began reading this series a long time ago and even though the series is old and over I can't help myself from continuing.  The books are easy reads and are well written but the way Jenna Blake keeps getting into trouble and not really getting upset about the amount of bodies that are piling up because of the investigations she gets involved in is becoming a little weird.

However I am still enjoying the medical investigations and the strange plots that the author is thinking up.  The fact that Jenna must be as hard as nails and without emotion is just a small problem in this nice series that revolves around a girl working part time at the ME's office.

The story takes us to Florida this time around and it isn't just a break for Jenna and her friend but also for the reader.  A different location makes a nice change and offers a lot of logistical problems that the author manages to handle quite well.  After all this is the eighth book in the series and it needed something a little different and sending Jenna off with her friend for a week was a good call.

With only a couple more books left in the series I will at some point end up reading them so I  say goodbye to this series.  If this story had been earlier on in the series I may have given up on The Body of Evidence thrillers because the main character seems to be way too detached from the crazy and weird circumstances that surround the events in this plot.  I am not saying that she shows absolutely no emotions but they are so quick and are mentioned more in passing that you can tell that this series is being written by a guy who has no idea how a young woman would deal with the stuff this one is going through.

Well worth checking out if you like ME thrillers and also if you like a good mystery.  The characters are well developed and if you can see beyond the fast and furious writing and lack of emotional depth then you will be happy with what this series has on offer.

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