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Saturday, December 6, 2014

135) Chaos in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon

The Blurb :

Jadyn St. James hopes that the two-week quiet period in Mudbug means things in the small bayou town are back to normal…whatever that is. But when a fisherman finds a sunken shrimp boat, and the boat captain is missing, Jadyn wonders if the damage to the boat was caused by a storm, or if something far more nefarious happened.

Colt Bertrand has been fighting his attraction to the sexy game warden since he first laid eyes on her. Once more, their jobs have forced them together, but when a stalker sets his sights on Jadyn, Colt’s emotions launch into overdrive.

Can he protect the bayou beauty and also protect his heart?

My Thoughts :

The Ghost-in-Law had never been on my radar and somehow I came across the first book and decided for one reason or another to try it out.  I found myself listening to the other books in quick succession and was disappointed to find that the sixth book, Chaos in Mudbug wasn't available on Audible.  So I kept checking back.  The series had been a joy to listen to with Johanna Parker, the same narrator on the Sookie Stackhouse books, doing an amazing job bringing the characters to life.  I was tempted to give up and just get the Kindle copy but finally the sixth installment popped up and I snapped it up straight away with no doubt in my mind that it was going to be the next book I listened to.

It only took a few days to complete the book but it was a very enjoyable few days.  Once again I loved the story, the characters and plot.  I laughed and rolled my eyes as Helena continued to get up to some ghostly shenanigans and the others tried to cover up the fact that they can all see and talk with a ghost.  The mystery angle was exciting and kept me guessing till the very end and the chance of romance between Jayden and Colt was a nice sideline in the already packed story.

Somehow the ending felt like it could have been the last in the series but I can't find anything to support that.  I really hope there will be more books in the series but it is hilarious, serious and romantic all in one without being too silly or over the top.  I have come to love the residents of Mudbug and it would be shame not to have a few more mysteries to solve in the bayou with that crazy ghost and the lovely women who are like friends.

Even if this isn't the last book, I am obviously now up to date with the series and hope to read some more books by Jana DeLeon.  I haven't had any luck finding any more on Audible so I may have to give Kindle versions a go.  Although that will take me longer to get to but I really want to see what other books this author has to offer because this series has really made a great impression!

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