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Monday, December 8, 2014

136) Tagged for Death by Sherry Harris

The Blurb :

Starting your life over at age thirty-eight isn't easy, but that's what Sarah Winston finds herself facing when her husband CJ runs off with a 19-year-old temptress named Tiffany. Sarah's self-prescribed therapy happily involves hitting all the garage and tag sales in and around her small town of Ellington, Massachusetts. If only she could turn her love for bargain hunting into a full-time career.

One man's junk is another man's treasure

But after returning from a particularly successful day searching for yard sale treasures, Sarah finds a grisly surprise in one of her bags: a freshly bloodied shirt…that undoubtedly belongs to her ex, CJ, who now happens to be Ellington's chief of police. If that's not bad enough, it seems Tiffany has gone missing. Now it's up to Sarah to prove that her cold-hearted ex is not a cold-blooded killer…

But finding that treasure can be murder.

My Thoughts :

The blurb and cover convinced me to give this one a try. Tagged To Death looked like your typical cozy mystery but the blurb didn't give away how much was really going to be mixed up in this new series.  The obvious garage sale angle was in plain sight but a huge part of this cozy had to do with the Army and the local Police.  There were also ties and/or mention of the Mob, the DA and some local higher ups.  A bit of a theme muddle but also a very interesting mixture.

I liked Sarah from the get go.  She was nice, sympathetic and strong.  She also got a lot of points for  being the poor ex-wife but just her general character was easy to get along with and it was nice to get to know her.  The situation she gets herself into was slightly confusing at first but as the plot opened up I started to notice that things weren't adding up.  I actually guessed one twist in the mystery but it wasn't until Sarah realised who was the murderer that things clicked together properly.

All the little twists and turns were good and kept me reading.  Sarah's involvement with the local Police was an frustrating but also interesting one which turned out to be quite a surprising turn of events in the end.  The Army involvement may have been a little too much for me at times but maybe that was due to my total lack of knowledge as far as Army bases are concerned.  I hoped that more would come of the DA angle but by the end of the book it looked like things are going a completely different way in the love department.

Tagged for Death could have been a one off novel but I would be happy to read more about Sarah and her Garage Sales.  The book was good, caught my attention and kept me interested till the end.  It was a little too twisted at some points but everything got straightened out by the end and I was satisfied with the outcome.  This is definitely an author I would check out again and if there are any more books in the series I will make sure to give them a try.

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Aurian said...

This sounds like a nice one Amber, adding it to my wishlist :)