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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2) A Dog Gone Murder by Elaine Viets

The Blurb :

Josie has been asked to investigate Uncle Bob’s Doggy Day Camp, known for its commercials featuring Uncle Bob liking dogs so much that he acts like one. But Josie soon learns how Uncle Bob acts when the cameras are off. Her mother’s new tenant, Franklin, who works for Uncle Bob, plans to quit after seeing the man’s true nature. But before he gets the chance, Bob is murdered, and Franklin goes from the doghouse to the big house.

Now it’s up to Josie to clear Franklin’s name. Her investigation reveals that Bob was more of a dog than anyone knew—and had been kicked out of his house for bad behavior. As she digs up new clues, Josie will have to catch the killer quickly, before any more trouble is unleashed.

My Thoughts :

I love this cozy mystery author and this series is on my pre-order list.  However this tenth installment has been sitting on my Kindle waiting for attention since it released in November!  Like so many other pre-orders I just don't seem to be getting to them and I have to say a lot of books I want all seem to come out on the same day every few months.  This makes it even harder for me to keep up with them all.

With the holidays nearly over I still have some time to get some serious reading done and this was my second pick of the new year.  I finished it one day and enjoyed it just as much as the rest of the series.  There was a great mystery and all the characters I have come to know and love.  It was perfect and just what I needed after my last couple of bleh cozy experiences.

As the title and cover suggests, this tenth installment revolves around dogs.  Of course now that Josie is married to a vet she has even more to do with animals and her mystery shopping job manages to combine the two.  Once again Josie manages to get involved in a murder and tries her best to find out who did it.  Her amateur sleuth skills are well known to her family and friends which means she gets a lot of support.

The ongoing story regarding Josie's family and friends is just as interesting as the mystery plot.  Josie's daughter, husband, mother and friend all have their own stuff going on and it adds a nice touch to the series to be a part of such a nice set of people.  So I hope this isn't the last we will see of them all but somehow the epilogue came across as a final chapter to put everything in its place and leave no loose ends.

Elaine Viets is one of the best cozy mystery writers I know and I enjoy both of her series.  The Dead-End Job mysteries and the Mystery Shopper series are both must reads and I always look forward to the ongoing stories of the characters as much as the well thought out mystery plots.  Definitely check out the books if you haven't already.  They are a treat!

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