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Friday, March 27, 2015

Currently Reading & To Be Read

It has been another long week but the weekend is finally here and I intend on getting some serious reading done!

I have some really nice review books on my TBR pile at the moment and I think I will have to read a couple of them this week and just enjoy some great authors and ARC's!

Currently Listening to :

This Audible boo was on pre-order and I made sure I finished my previous audio book in time to start this one when it released.  I timed it perfectly and started this new Half-Moon Hallow story as soon as I had it on my iPod.

The story revolves around Gigi and a very nice Russian vampire who can't remember anything about his previous meetings with her.  So far things are just as quirky, sassy and intriguing as the previous books in the series and of course as good as all Molly's books!

The weekend is here and I usually only listen to my audible books on the way to and from work but I am pretty sure I will be sneaking in some time with this one over the weekend.  I may even finish it!  The narrator is amazing and love the fact that she reads all of Molly's books!

Currently Reading :

I actually ordered this book back when it released in Autumn.  Somehow it disappeared into the list of books on my Kindle and I forgot about it!  Which happens a lot!

Then the book popped up on Netgalley and the release date was set for April.  A little confusing but it reminded me that I already had the book on my Kindle! :)

So this is going to be the book I read next!  I hope I will enjoy it because I actually now have two copies.  One bought and one ARC.

The Dreaded 'To Be Read' Pile :

There aren't many ARC's on here anymore but I do have some waiting for me.  The release dates are for April and May so I am spending some time on other books this month.

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Elsi said...

I've found that a book with a future release date that I already have might be because of a release in another country. That book sure looks good, though.