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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

52) Falling to Pieces by Denise Grover Swank

The Blurb :

When Joe walks out of Rose’s life, she can’t imagine life without him. But with support from her friends—and an unexpected person—Rose finds her way to climb out of her despair.

After his father’s blackmail forces him to leave the love of his life to protect her, Joe is thrown into the race for Arkansas State Senate. But while Rose has people to help her grieve, Joe finds himself completely alone—except the one person he detests is the only person who’s offering comfort

My Thoughts :

After finishing the third installment in the Rose Gardner Mysteries I was eager to keep going.  This novella fits between books three and four and I wanted to follow the correct reading order and decided to read this short story on my Kindle.  I have been listening to the series but didn't see the point in listening to something so short.

I am glad I decided to read this one because there wasn't much in Falling to Pieces that would have made an audio version enjoyable.  This half an hour read (an hour if you don't read as fast as me) would have wasted maybe three or four hours if listened to.  You see Falling to Pieces is a rehash of the end scenes from Thirty and Half Excuses where a big event takes place in Rose's life.  Something I am sure some readers would have seen coming and maybe even welcomed.

This short story goes through the events again and also fills in a few of the missing pieces.  It expands on what you read in Thirty and Half reasons by adding another characters perspective and giving you a more in-depth view of what went on from both sides of the fence.  There is also a slight continuation of the story with some events that take place after the previous book but all in all Falling to Pieces was another look at what happened with the cut out scenes added.

While this was slightly repetitive it was also nice to see what happened from both angles and to find out how the whole event started and ended.  Any fans of the series will find this novella to be informative and interesting but it definitely not one of those short stories you can read to get a taste of the series and the writer because it is technically one big spoiler.  So only read this if you have read up to book three.

This series is well worth reading and this novella is definitely a must read if you are reading the series.  However I could have done without it.  It wasn't overly special or amazing but I don't regret reading it.  I am very glad I didn't look for an audio version.  I am also even more eager to continue the series and see what happens next.  It will certainly be a very rocky and adventurous time for Rose but then again everything in her life since the series has begun has been exactly that.

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