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Monday, July 6, 2015

Currently Reading & To Be Read

It is too hot to read!  Well maybe....

I am struggling to concentrate on reading with the 34 C Degrees temperature which will be rising again today and tomorrow.  I am doing well with audio books but the Kindle and paperbacks are being neglected and I am getting behind with my review list.  I am playing catch up and looking forward to my upcoming holidays where I will be spending some serious time curled up reading.  Whatever the weather!

Currently Listening to :

I just can't keep away from this series!

The Scumble River Mysteries are like Pringles.  Once you pop, you can't stop.

There are so many other books I could listen to right now but I am really enjoying this series for some reason.  It isn't 'up to date' and the leading sleuth doesn't even have a mobile phone yet but something about these cozies are addictive and I couldn't help downloading the audio book of the third installment.

Great thing about this series is that the books are short and not too hard to keep up.  I will be finished with this one either today or tomorrow.  Depends on how much I get to listen to while traveling to and from work.

Currently Reading :

My reading life seems to be all cozies lately and I totally would have picked up something different if this new release wasn't on my review list.  The book came out last week and I don't know how long I have had it on my to be read pile but it is now finally top of the list.

I am looking forward to this sequel.  I enjoyed the first book in the series and was really excited to see this second part up on Netgalley.  Just really sorry that I haven't gotten around to reading it sooner.

The Dreaded 'To Be Read' Pile :

As I mentioned, there are some ARC's that need my attention ASAP and there are some books on this pile that really need to be read before they are too dusty to even find!

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