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Sunday, October 18, 2015

103) Dead Blondes Tell No Tales by Denise Swanson

The Blurb :

Skye’s beau, Simon, asks her to keep an eye on his mischievous mother, Bunny, who is hosting at her bowling alley a Spring Break Bash that will include a talent show, trivia games, and karaoke. As Skye sets up for the event, she’s stunned when a statuesque, scantily clad blonde shows up at Bunny’s door—Ruby, a sex-toy shop owner who used to be a showgirl with Bunny in Las Vegas. Bunny is overjoyed to be reunited with her old friend, but barely a minute later, Ruby butts heads with the police over showing off paraphernalia from her shop. More mayhem ensues when Ruby’s beloved Cadillac is vandalized and her room is set on fire.

It appears that someone is after Ruby, but the blonde is too nervous to cooperate with the authorities. Ruby’s evasive behavior convinces Skye that she’s hiding some critical information that would explain the recent havoc at the bowling alley. With the safety of the Spring Break Bash attendees on the line, Skye decides to find out Ruby’s secret before some nefarious criminal decides that dead blondes tell no tales.

My Thoughts :

I am reading this series in order and came across this novella that fits in after the sixth book.  So before I even think about starting book seven I had to read this short story.  The story first appeared in an anthology called 'Drop Dead Blonde' and was released as an eSpecial years later.  So be careful because some places put this story as being after book fourteen because of the release date.

There isn't much to say about this story except that it was good.  Short stories are hard to review without giving too much away and the blurb already does a good job of that.  I will say that Simon's mum is turning out to be a nice magnet for trouble and I am pretty sure she will be responsible for many more of the mysteries in the series.

Worth reading if you are a fan of the series and obviously worth reading in the right placement if you haven't started the series yet or like me are getting stuck in there.

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