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Friday, October 9, 2015

98) Murder of a Pink Elephant by Denise Swanson

The Blurb :

When Skye Denison's brother forms a band called Pink Elephant, the town goes wild-maybe too wild. First, a groupie turns stalker, seducing the band members one by one. Then, one of the Pink Elephants winds up murdered. Who's to blame? Everyone seems to think it's the drummer-and now Skye has to clear her brother's name.

My Thoughts :

Another installment in the Scumble River Mysteries and once again a great listen!  I am really enjoying this series and am itching to listen to the next part but managed to stop myself and listen to something else.

The mystery was well written as always although I put a lot of the pieces together before Skye did.  However, as with Skye, I only got the final pieces of the puzzle when she did.  A style that I like about these mysteries.  While most of the clues are easy to put together there is always a little bit left out, that 'Ah' moment when it really becomes clear.

As always I am enjoying the on-going story of Skye and the regulars in Scumble River.  I like the way Skye thinks and find her job interesting.  What really makes this series fun is the fact that it is 'old'.  Set in a time where mobile phones are still not a big thing but computers are starting to be a 'thing'.  The internet was even mentioned in this installment and it is amusing to visit the world how it was.  Always looking for a phone ;)

Looking forward to the next book and the next twelve!  I am sure this series isn't going to take long for me to catch up with because the audio versions are really well read and easy to listen to.  Well worth checking out this series if you are a cozy fan.

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