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Monday, October 5, 2015

Currently Ready & To Be Read

Well I have nearly reached my 100 books read aim for this year with still over two months to go.  It actually surprises me that I have read so much despite not really reading, in my opinion, a lot.

I haven't been feeling so good lately so my reading has suffered a little.  Plus my to be read pile got all messed up again when I came across a couple of review books I hadn't read in time for their release dates so I am playing catch up again!

Currently Reading :

This book released this week and I haven't started it yet.  It is next up after I finish another review book.

I love Kelly Armstrong and look forward to checking out this book.  The blurb says it is two brand new tales so I hope they really are new.  However the page count looks like these two tales are pretty long.

Hope to have this one read by the end of next weekend.  I have way more time to listen to books than sit down and read them this year.

Currently Listening To : 

I have gotten really addicted to this series and seeing as I am really behind I have no problem listening to another.  I would probably binge the whole series if it wasn't for some other books I have that need to be listened to.

The Scumble River series is long running and pretty old.  This is the sixth book and I think there are about eleven more I need to read to be all caught up.  It is really amusing to pick up this series and have everyone looking for phones because mobiles are a big thing yet.  There are other quirky aspects in there too and I am enjoying a little look back to the past.

Pretty sure this book will be finished by the middle of the week, if not sooner.

The Dreaded 'To Be Read' Pile :

There are so many books on this list that are not getting read!  Why?  Arrgggh!  Frustrating!

I haven't really updated the list but not a lot has changed.  I need to do a bit of cleaning up this month!

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