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Friday, December 25, 2015

127) Grave Matters by Jana Oliver

The Blurb :

A legendary Demon Trapper, Riley Blackthorne frequently battles with Hell’s minions. So when she travels to Scotland to meet up with her hunky boyfriend, and celebrate her eighteenth birthday, she’s thrilled at the chance to leave Atlanta and its troubles behind.

Denver Beck, who has been studying for months to become a Grand Master – a rare and highly dangerous job -- is just as eager to see his girl. He’s anticipating a romantic reunion, keen to take their relationship to the next level.

But Riley’s twisted history with Hell has garnered unwelcome interest by people willing to use her for their own purposes. Trouble is brewing in the land of the heather, the kind that will drive a wedge between her and Beck, and prove the ultimate test of their love . . . and their survival skills.

My Thoughts :

I thought the Demon Trapper series was done.  Over.  Finito!  Then I came across a new release in the series.  The fifth book.  While putting this on my wishlist I came across this novella that fits bettern books four and five and quickly got a copy so I could read things in order and hopefully get a nice reminder of the situation and series.  It has been a while...

This was a nice short story.  A nice trip to Edinburgh (a lovely city) was just what I needed and would have jumped on a plane and gone back there myself even after reading about the Demon Trapper happenings in this book.  I found myself remembering a lot of the series and characters and being reminded of certain events.  The author mentioned, when needed, points in the series that I have since forgotten.  It was a nice story and I also remember how much I loved this series.

Telling you more about the story will give away a lot.  This is a little longer than the usual novella but it was still a quick read.  It was worth reading and a definite must read for anyone, who like me, hasn't gotten hold of that new fifth installment.  Things happen that you will need to know before carrying on the series.

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Aurian said...

I haven't read this series, but I am glad you are happy that it is continuing. That means you were not ready for it to end, and that it is a good one. Adding it to my neverending wishlist.

Unknown said...

Well I think all series can make a come back if they want to...this wasn't one that was high on my list of come back wishes but it is nice to visit the world again.