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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3) Murder of Needled Knitter by Denise Swanson

The Blurb :

School psychologist Skye Denison has been waiting forever for her happily-ever-after with police chief Wally Boyd. But her bliss threatens to unravel on the very first day of their luxurious honeymoon cruise, when Skye becomes convinced that she has glimpsed her mother on board! Surely even momzilla May wouldn’t have manipulated Wally into booking the same trip that her knitting group is taking…or would she?

May’s possible presence can’t cool Skye and Wally’s ardor on their personal Love Boat, but discovering knitting expert Guinevere Stallings as she lies dying from a stab wound leaves them untangling the clues of yet another murder investigation rather than getting tangled in the sheets. Since Skye found the body, she’s considered a top suspect, but she’s far from the only one. Guinevere’s imperious ways needled nearly everyone, and she left an impressive number of enemies. It’s up to the crafty newlyweds to figure out which of the wronged parties was angry enough to cast Guinevere off…permanently.

My Thoughts :

So I got a video game for Christmas that I have become slightly addicted to.  The best thing about the game however is that it isn't one you need to listen to so I have been listening to audio books instead.  This means I have made more progress in my Scumble River Mystery addiction!  Two birds with one stone....

Now I knew what was coming this time around because the last book gave away so many hints.  The Honeymoon that Skye has been excited about for months is finally here and her mother, father, best friend and her best friends husband are also on board the luxury cruise ship that Wally booked for them.  He also didn't put two and two together and the holiday is ready to be classed as ruined.  However the murder of a guest makes things more exciting and turns the Honeymoon into a busman's holiday for the newlyweds.

This was a nice installment.  It was interesting to have the location changed from Scumble River but still have the Scumble River theme.  The author obviously plans her books in advance and sets up certain story lines to develop in a certain way.  Or she just has a knack for getting the story to end up where she wants it to.  It was of course a little sad to see the newlyweds end up spending their Honeymoon with family and friends but the plot was good and they still seemed to have a great time.

The lack of the school surroundings was also nice.  The last book also saw the absence of the school and it actually made me like Skye a little more because she wasn't doing her School Psychologist spiel the whole time.  It isn't a boring aspect of the story but it was good to have a break from it all.

Another great installment and it finds me close to being up to date with the series.  Only one more book and I am all caught up.  Loving this series and really enjoying the audio versions.  I can highly recommend this cozy mystery series.

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Kathy said...

Along with my long drive to work, I also listen to audiobooks while I play video games. That is how I wind up listening so much more than physically reading, lol.

Unknown said...

So what game did you get???

Aurian said...

How can you concentrate on both a game and a book at once? Great review, and yes, a pity about the honeymoon not being private.

Unknown said...

@Kathy - I am actually worried about this new insight...I am changing jobs next month and there could be the opportunity to listen at work too!!!!!

@Unknown - Minecraft. I am late to the party...

@Aurian - I usually listen to the books on public transport and play on my phone at the same time so I guess a video game isn't a big step up. It helps that the game doesn't have anything in the way of audio you need to hear.