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Sunday, January 10, 2016

5) Physical Education by Maggie Barbieri

The Blurb :

College English professor and sometime amateur sleuth Alison Bergeron would've been thrilled to hear that her husband, NYPD Detective Bobby Crawford, was leaving Homicide if that were the whole story, but it turns out that Bobby's next assignment is even worse---undercover.

As if worrying about his involvement in a case he won't talk about at all wasn't bad enough, Alison is forced to take over the women's basketball team at St. Thomas after the coach dies of a heart attack during a game. She may not know much about basketball, but she's no stranger to sleuthing, and it isn't long before she suspects that the coach's death may be more than unexpected but premeditated as well.

My Thoughts :

The Murder 101 Mystery series has been on my shelf for years.  It is one of those series that I just don't seem to be getting any further with and so it is on my 2016 Series Reading Challenge list.  With only two installments to go I know it isn't going to be a huge struggle but this series has been on my lists for a good few years and I finally want to cross it off.  It has helped that this one is available on Audible and so I picked it up this week to start the year off by getting some challenge work done!  Luckily it wasn't hard to listen to and I had my video game to play because this wasn't exactly a great read.

I won't say it was awful but it was pretty lame.  There was so much about this story that felt wrong and annoyed me.  I did think about giving up on it but with only one more book in the series I feel the need to finish it off.  I actually like the concept but the author really takes, even for a cozy mystery writer, a lot of liberties.

It would be silly to go into detail.  Let's just say that there was too much of Alison's thoughts instead of concrete evidence and real sleuthing.  There was also no way that most of the stuff that happened in this story would actually happen, for example, Alison being picked to coach the basketball team was way off.  Oh  but the worse aspect of it all was the marriage and step-daughters.  I won't even go there because I could rant forever.

So it would seem like listening to the last installment would be a bad idea but I feel a little OCD on this one and need to finish the series.  I can't let it go after six books and only one more to go.  I just hope that the last piece of puzzle is better than this one.

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