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Sunday, April 17, 2016

30) The Root Of All Evil by Ellery Adams and Elizabeth Lockard

The Blurb :

Cooper Lee has never been happier. She has terrific friends at Bible study, a great boyfriend in Nathan, and best of all, a new niece or nephew on the way. But storm clouds are gathering when a string of church robberies comes to Hope Street and an art teacher is found dead in what appears to be a robbery gone wrong. With Halloween approaching, Cooper’s beginning to think there are far more tricks than treats coming her way.

No sooner do she and her friends step in to help the police unearth a killer than they discover a con artist among their flock. Lost in a morass of confusing clues—and even more confusing signals from Nathan—Cooper’s not sure which way to turn. With the stakes so high, she sends up a prayer for some divine guidance, because Cooper knows that sometimes it takes the help of a higher power to bring down the lowest form of evildoer.

My Thoughts :

I am very behind on my reading and it showed when I went to read a review copy of a Hope Street Mystery and realised it was book five and I hadn't read book four yet.  So I found my copy of The Root Of All Evil and gave it my full attention.

Ellery Adams is a well known cozy mystery writer but this series is one of her older ones.  This fourth book however seems to be a newer addition to revive/continue the series and also has another author credited.  Now I can imagine why Ellery needs some help with this series, after all she has how many others she is busy with?  But I have to admit seeing another name made me very wary but it turned out fine.  I didn't notice another writer and the book felt just like the previous installments.

Many people would be put off by the so called theme of this cozy.  The Hope Street Church angle and the Bible study mention in the blurb may keep some fans away.  However I have to say that this series is not at all preachy or religious.  There are references now and again but this isn't in your face god and bible quotes.  Just a general theme, a location and some very nice characters to back things up.

This time around the mystery plot was a little dry but it was still interesting.  The smaller mystery going on at Cooper's workplace was a nice touch but easily solved.  Copper's sister was a nice diversion but Cooper's relationship angst was a little annoying.  The con woman twist was a nice plot thickening but the guy who outed her seemed to disappear from the story altogether and I don't even remember his name now.  I hoped he would play a bigger part in everything.

A nice read, a pleasant enough mystery and an interesting continuing story.  I am looking forward to seeing what book five brings to the series and wonder what trouble Cooper can get herself involved with this time.  Well worth checking out if you like this author.

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