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Sunday, May 17, 2009

106) Last Vampire Standing by Nancy Haddock

St. Augustine is a peaceful sunny place in Florida. Definitely not a town you would expect a vampire to choose as its home. However for Francesca Marinelli it is the only place she wants to be and has been for over 200 hundred years. So Cesca is enjoying a quiet afterlife with some great friends, a lovely place to live and a sexy guy.

Then a stranger gatecrashes her housewarming party and has everyone on edge. The vampire stand-up comic called Jo-Jo doesn't have anyone laughing when he appears out of the blue. Although it turns out that the jester isn't out to harm Cesca but wants her help in getting his life back on track. Unfortunately without knowing it he has brought some trouble along with him.

A psychotic vampire has followed Jo-Jo to Florida and Cesca is in danger. With the help of her sexy boyfriend Sabre, a cat called Pandora and an old friend called Triton, Cesca tries to put a stop to the bad guy and an end to the threat against her quiet afterlife and that of the country's head vamps.

It is over a year since I read La Vida Vampire the first book in this series. So I have been waiting, not so patiently, for Last Vampire Standing to arrive at my door for a good 14 months. So when this arrived the other day my first urge was to read it straight away but I waited till today so I could read it all in one gulp and I am glad I did!

Last Vampire Standing is a wonderful second part to this great new vampire series. I think I will even go as far as to say this second part was better than the first. With vampires, ghosts and weres this is a series that captures alot of the paranormal and promises to show the reader even more in the future.

I am really looking forward to book number three. Last Vampire Standing revealed a few bits and pieces but there is still more for us readers to learn about Cesca, Triton, Pandora and company. Also I can't wait to see if Cesca manages to learn any new powers.

With a lovely leading lady, a well written plot and quirky characters this has all the ingredients of a great paranormal urban fantasy book. The fantastic balance of romance, humour and mystery makes this a pleasure to read. Last Vampire Standing is a little Lynsay Sands mixed with Charlaine Harris and if you haven't already had the luck to read this book or its predecessor then I suggest you make a trip to your local bookstore and have an enjoyable read!

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Llehn said...

This books sounds AMAZING!