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Thursday, June 11, 2009

122) Midnight's Master by Cynthia Eden

Niol Lapen is tall, dark and handsome. He is also a demon and a strong one at that. He isn't the kind of person you can ask for a favour but one woman has dared to do that. Holly Storm, reporter, is sexy but nosey. She has been sticking her nose into 'Other' business for some time now and Niol doesn't want to give her any information at all. However there is someone killing demons, demons who Holly has had contact with and that makes him want to protect her. It looks like he will have to work with her to try and stop the killer before he himself becomes a target.

Even though Holly knows what Niol is and what he is capable of she isn't really frightened of him. What does scare her is the way she feels about him but she needs to push that out of her mind and get his help. Someone is killing her contacts and Niol is the only one who can help her find the murderer and stop the killing. However there is something that Holly is about to find out about herself that has her on top of the killers list of victims.

Niol is one hot demon and this third book in the Midnight Trilogy was very steamy. Always the mysterious one in the trilogy so far it was rewarding to finally find out more about the man everyone loves to hate. Also finding out more about the reporter who has plagued the characters in the previous two books made for interesting and exciting reading. Bringing them together as a team was definitely a well thought out twist and I enjoyed seeing things between them evolve.

This trilogy is a delicious blend of romance, mystery and the paranormal. Best read on a quiet evening with a bottle of wine and some chocolates this is a world you can totally lose yourself in. I am sad to see the trilogy come to an end but I suspect that this isn't the last we will see of this world and the characters in it that I have come to love and admire.

Midnight's Master is due for release on June 30th. Make sure you catch up with the previous books first if you have a chance. Although each book does stand alone well the stories are definitely devoured better in order.


Cynthia Eden said...

Amber, thanks so much for reviewing my story--and I'm very glad you enjoyed Midnight's Master!

Caffey said...

So enjoy Cynthia Eden's books. They are a total surprise when reading! I remember reading HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT and so loved it and too the Detective Todd who had his story in book 2 which was great as well. They were both all nighter reads for me! Great review Amber