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Monday, June 8, 2009

121) Just Murdered by Elaine Viets

Picking out a wedding gown can be easy for some women. However when Helen Hawthorne sees Kiki and her daughter Desiree stepping into the Bridal Salon she knows this isn't going to be an easy day. Out of all the dead end jobs Helen has had working in Millicent's Bridal Salon has been one of the better ones. However when Kiki ends up dead on her daughter's wedding day Helen starts seeing her job in a new light.

Of course Helen's fingerprints are on the dress and her blood got on there too. So when the police start looking at her as one of the suspects Helen realises she is close to being found by her ex-husband. There is only one thing Helen can do. Solving the mystery and finding the murderer herself is her only chance of coming out of this new predicament unscathed. She has the experience and the brains but will she still have her job?

Just Murdered is the fourth book in the Dead-End Job Mysteries and I am enjoying the series more and more with every book I read. Helen is such a down to earth character which every reader can relate to in some way and she is not prepared to go down without a fight! The story flows with lots of twists and turns that really keep you guessing till the end.

I really like a good cozy mystery and this is one series I can highly recommend. A little something different in between the vamps and a very good series to carry around in my bag. I am really looking forward to reading the next mystery and I am sure it will be climbing to the top of my to be read pile sooner rather than later.


Caffey said...

I haven't read a cozy mystery in a while! I'm not sure if this was one of a few cozy mysteries I got the first books of to try. I shall check that out.

Amy said...

I love this series, but have only read one or two of them.