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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interview & Contest with Nancy Haddock

My guest this week on Amberkatze's Book Blog is Cesca from Nancy Haddock's amazing vampire series! Nancy has already been a guest on Amberkatze's Book Blog and is a regular reader so it was time to see what Cesca has to say about things ;)

I hope you all enjoy the interview and get to know Cesca a little better. Make sure you enter the contest so you can read even more about her!


Amber - Welcome to Amberkatze's Book Blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some of my questions. Now to start things off I need to clear something up. We met up earlier and had a quick introduction and you asked me to call you Cesca but I heard some people calling you Princess? What is that about?

Cesca - First, Amber, thank you for inviting me to visit! I’ve followed your blog for some time, and your guests are such fun!

As for the Princess tag, it seems that the French vampire who turned me in 1800 -- the one who called himself King Normand -- was a true a descendant in the French line of kings. Back then, I thought he was just an arrogant royal pain when he gave me the title of Francesca, Princess Vampire, Most Royal Highness of the House of King Normand. ‘Course, only the press and Jo-Jo the Jester call me Princess now, and Jo-Jo only does it because of his comedy act.

For those history buffs wondering how a French vampire came to live near the Spanish settlement of St. Augustine when the Spanish and French were rivals, Normand and his entourage originally came over with French soldiers. Those soldiers established, and later lost Fort Caroline in what is now Jacksonville, Florida. When the Spanish wiped out the French, Normand moved his bloody band to a spot north of St. Augustine. His presence annoyed the devil out of the Spanish, and also the English who ruled St. Augustine for a short time, but it took a village uprising to finally destroy the nest in 1803. Well, all of the nest except me.

Amber - Okay, now that we have that sorted out maybe you can tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

Cesca - I was born in St. Augustine in 1780, the youngest child and only daughter of my Italian father and Minorcan (or Menorcan) mother. My mother raised me to be polite; my father taught me adventure and independence. I don’t know where my psychic abilities came from, but I suspect from my mother’s side. She sure had mastered the evil eye!

My constant friend and girlhood crush was Triton, and we shared everything from the time we were children – including mental telepathy. Even when he began to shape-shift into a dolphin during his teens – freaky as that was! – I was there for him. I would’ve married Triton, flippers and all, but he thought of me as a sister. Bummer, huh?

Now, though, I’m happily living a sometimes normal afterlife. I study design online, work as a ghost tour guide, have friends, and have an amazing man in my heart.

Amber - What was it like being trapped underground for so many years? How do you stop yourself from going crazy?

Cesca – During my first week of entombment and on many other days after, the threat of crazy hovered every moment. I kept thinking that, if I hadn’t urged Triton to flee the city, he could’ve dug me up. Or so I figured at the time.

The good news was that Triton talked with and soothed me through our telepathic connection. He reminded me to astral travel, a trick I’d used to connect with him while he was on his dolphin shape-shifter adventures. That gave me something to do, a way to keep busy. I also discovered that, while astral traveling, I could siphon energy from people as a way of feeding – much better than drinking blood. Other vampires may acquire a taste for the stuff. Me, not so much.

Amber - If you could go back in time and change things, what would you change and would you still want to be a vampire?

Cesca - I never wanted to be a vampire, so I’d probably change history to make me have married Triton and lived a mostly normal life. His shape-shifting being the exception to normal. On the other hand, if not for being a vampire and being buried so long, I wouldn’t have the friends I have now.

Amber - All vampires have to have a sponsor. Who is yours? Is she nice?

Cesca - Maggie O'Halloran is one of those friends I have now. She’s my sponsor and mentor and BFF, in fact. She is amazing and accepting, and if she ever freaked about finding me under the Victorian house she bought to restore, she never showed it.

Now her fiancĂ© Neil and I had issues, but I can’t blame him for being protective of Maggie. Plus, once we became surfing buddies, he mellowed enough that we usually get along.

Amber - I heard you have a hot guy hung up on you? How is that going? Is a problem with him being human?

Cesca – Mmm-mmm, Amber, afterlife is great with my hunky lover. Deke Saber is an ex-slayer cum special investigator who only hunts vampires that go Rampant. My darling Saber is not quite as human as he looks, though. He’s got some serious powers he’s kept hidden, and I don’t mean behind bedroom doors.

Amber - You work as a tour guide in St. Augustine. Does anything interesting ever happen on the tours? See any ghosts?

Cesca – I hope the most interesting things – like being stalked, being hit on, and being evaluated by a paranormal investigator – are behind me, but every night and every group holds its own energy. Since I seem to have an affinity with ghosts, my tours are often filled with sightings of orbs and apparitions. But, hey, except for a cranky few, our ghosts are playful and harmless. Tourists enjoy learning more of our St. Augustine history, too.

Amber - How do you like to relax? Do you watch TV, Read or listen to music? Do you have any hobbies?

Cesca - I love watching old TV shows and old movies, and I read – especially mysteries, romances, and urban fantasies. I don’t have much time to just chill with music, but I crank up the Beach Boys when I clean my cottage. In between errands and helping Saber with investigations, I surf, study design, and putter in Maggie’s garden. Then, of course, there is bridge club. I’m a fiend for bridge.

Amber - I know you are putting your adventures as a vampire into books. How is that working out? Do you like the author you are working with?

Cesca - Nancy is fun to work with - when she listens to me. Did you know authors get weirdly hung up on what they think should happen instead of what I know happens? These authors are an odd lot, but I like Nancy just fine. It helps that she buys me things, like caramel macchiatos and the occasional piece of jewelry.

Amber - You are stuck on a desert island. What five things would you really need to have with you to survive?

Cesca - Ay-yi-yi! If Saber sees this question, he’s going to push me to perfect my flying so I’ll never be stuck anywhere!

Okay, for the sake of fun, first I’d need Saber with me. Super sun block and deep shade are must-haves. Then, I’d want books and my surfboard – you know, for those times Saber needs a break from my, ah, attentions.

Logically, I should make room for cases of Starbloods, but I think Saber and I can live off love for a while. After all, with my GPS implant, the Vampire Protection Agency would rescue us before long.

Amber - Thank you so much for answering my questions! I look forward to reading more about you when the time comes!

Cesca - Thank you, Amber, and come see me in St. Augustine sometime. The Old City Gates are always open!


Contest Time!

Leave a comment and be entered in the drawing to win a copy of Last Vampire Standing. If you’re a published author, please also leave your web URL or title of your last or upcoming book. Nancy says she likes sharing the stage!

Please post a vampire joke – or any paranormal joke? Jo-Jo is always looking for material, and Cesca will be sure he reads the blog!

The usual rules apply!

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The contest will stay open until Sunday 14th of June 2009 4pm CET and the winner will be picked by a randomizer. Entrants should check back to see if they have won. I do not hunt down winners and will pick new winners for any prizes not claimed within 7 days.

If you are claiming a prize, have emailed me and have not heard back before the 7 day limit is up then post a comment here on the blog. Your email may get sucked into my spam filter.

For more opportunities to win a book, see the Beach Party page on Nancy’s web site – www.nancyhaddock.com.


Kytaira said...

What do you get if you cross Dracula and Al Capone?
A fangster!

I just wanted to thank Nancy for my autographed copy. I just received it and can't wait to read it! So don't enter me in the contest.

Lynda / Kytaira

Diana Cosby said...

Wonderful interview, Cesca! I'm reading Last Vampire Standing now and am throughly enjoying it! Love your humor, and yeah, Saber is HOT! I did laugh when in La Vida Vampire, that french woman who had a misfortunate accident, hit on you. *G*

What do you get when you cross a dog with a vampire?
-A nervous postman!

*G* Have a great day!
Diana Cosby
Romance Edged With Danger

Cathy M said...

What's a vampire's least favorite food? A steak

Nancy said...

Hello, Lynda / Kytaira! Nancy says you're welcome for the autographed copy, and I am snickering over fangster.

Diana, it's so kind of you to mention my new adventure. I'm happy you're enjoying it, and I know Jo-Jo will appreciate the postman joke!

I didn't see a name paired with the steak joke, but thank you! Jo-Jo will be so excited for the new material!

Thank you all for commenting on the blog! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Nancy said...

I saw Nancy's name after I commented. Thank you for the steak joke, Nancy!


Anonymous said...

Great interview.I can't wait to read the book,please enter me in the giveaway.

here's my joke:
What does a weight-conscious vampire drink?
Blood Light


Audra said...

Great interview-Here's the funny: What is a vampire's favorite fruit? A neck-tarine


Ellen said...

Hey Cesca!
Loved your interview---and I've truly enjoyed reading both your book-length adventures. Can't wait to see what you get up to next, girlfriend!



Nancy said...

Hello, Elaing8! Blood Light. That's a good one!

Audie, you scored with neck-tarine as well - thank you!

I can see Jo-Jo combining these to make Neck-tarine Blook Light. He'll be so happy when I pass these along!

Ellen, it's wonderful to meet you and know you've enjoyed my adventures so far. Thank you for writing!

Hope you'll all have a good week!


chey said...

Great interview Cesca.

What is a vampires favorite holiday?

Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

Great interview, I really want to read the book now :)

Here's my joke:
Q: What does a vampire fear most?
A: Tooth decay


Kathleen Givens said...

Great interview, Cesca! Great book, Nancy! And that's no joke.

Kathleen Givens

Nancy said...

Dear Chey, thank you for the Fangsgiving holiday joke. Jo-Jo's crowd won't expect a punch line that's not tied to Halloween.

Kim, tooth decay is great! It goes with a joke Jo-Jo uses but will add a twist!

Kathleen, thank you for the compliment on the interview. I was nervous, but Amber is such a lovely hostess. She made the process easy. (And Nancy says thank you and hugs!)

I must also apologize to Cathy M. Nancy explained I was reading the names wrong, so thank you, Cathy, for the steak joke!

I'll be up all night, but Nancy doesn't let me play on the computer without her hanging out nearby. So I'll say goodbye for a while and check in tomorrow.

Happy week!

danetteb said...

Hi Cesca and Amber,

I loved reading your first book. Your ghost tour was a fun experience.

What is a vamp's favorite mixed drink?
Chocolood Martini :)

I also added your contest to my blog sidebar.

Hugs, Danette

Llehn said...

Oooo ... the jokes are cracking me up! I'm easily amused, can't you tell?

Here's my vampire joke :

Q. Why did the vampire need mouthwash?
A. Because he had bat breath.

CrystalGB said...

Great interview, Cesca.

What's a vampire's favourite dance ?
The fangdango !

Nancy said...

Good morning, Danette, Llehn and CrystalGB!

These jokes are just what Jo-Jo needs! He may even slide in here to say a personal hello. :)

Danette, Nancy and I are grateful that you enjoyed my first adventure - and the ghost tour, too! Maybe you'll get to take one in person with me sometime. CrystalGB, thank you for your compliment on the interview, and Llehn, I'm glad you're enjoying the jokes.

I know Mondays are supposed to be blah, but I hope yours is a gift. Mine sure are!


L said...

This book looks great!

Q. How can you tell a vampire likes baseball? A. Every night he turns into a bat.


Brooke Reviews said...

lol This is a horrible joke, but here ya go!

Where did the vampire open his savings account?
At a blood bank

Pam P said...

Fun interview, Cesca, nice getting to know you a little more.

Q: Why do people hate being bitten by vampires ?
A: Because it's a drain in the neck !

Anonymous said...

Great Interview!

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?


Kimberly B. said...

Oh, these books look so good! Thanks for stopping by Amber's blog!
What do you get if you cross a vampire bat and a mummy?
A flying band-aid, or a gift-wrapped bat.

Ladytink_534 said...

You totally won me over with that title "Francesca, Princess Vampire, Most Royal Highness of the House of King Normand." Very, very creative! This series is most definitely going on my wishlist.

Okay, this is not my joke but I thought it was kind of funny: Q: What’s a Vampire’s least favorite song?

A. Another One Bites the Dust!


suzie townsend said...

So I admit, the joke is pretty lame but here goes

Q. Why are vampires like false teeth? A. They all come out at night.


Caffey said...

So fun reading your interview Cesca!, Nancy and Amber!
Here's my try with a joke:

What happened when the vampire met the werewolf?
They became best of fiends

I emailed some friends and cc'd you Amber and too posted this on my blog on side

Nancy said...

Hello, Alexa, Brooke, Pam P, Pams00, Kimberly B, Ladytink and Wanderer!

I'm back with Jo-Jo, who's stopping by before he goes on stage.

Jo-Jo: Where did you lovelies come up with all these great jokes, and who's willing to comedy write for a vampire, hmmm?

And while I'm here, can anyone complete this opener? A priest, a rabbi, and ogre goes into a vampire bar and ...? OR a priest a rabbi and a vampire go into a fey bar and ...?

Cesca: Say, good night, Jo-Jo.
Jo-Jo: Goodnight, Highness. Goodnight, Amber and fair posters.

Cesca: Okay, I'm back with just Nancy in tow. We both thank you for the compliments, and we hope you'll enjoy the stories if you give them a try. Please keep the jokes coming, and/ or try your hand at completing the sets ups Jo-Jo gave you!

And do have a good week!


donnas said...

Great interview. I just started the first book and cant wait to read the new one already.

Heres my joke:

Doctor, doctor, I think I’ve been bitten by a vampire. Drink this glass of water. Will it make me better? No, but I ll be able to see if your neck leaks.

Nancy said...

Good morning, Donnas! Thank you for letting us know you're enjoying LA VIDA VAMPIRE, and for the joke. Jo-Jo will have a lot of material to work with now!

Have a fine day!


MissKitty said...

Hi Kids! I have no Vamp jokes but here's a zombie one, who made the zombies dreams come true? His fairy godmonster! Can't wait to read the books?

char10 said...

i enjoyed la vida vampire very much.

Three Vampires

Three vampires went into a bar and sat down.
The barmaid came over to take their orders. "And what would you, er,
gentlemen like tonight?"
The first vampire said, "I'll have a mug of blood."

The second vampire said, "I'll have a mug of blood."

The third vampire shook his head at his companions and said, "I will
have a glass of plasma."
The barmaid wrote down each order, went to the bar and called to the
bartender, "Two bloods and a blood light."

Mariee said...

Q. What’s it like to be kissed by a vampire? A. It’s a pain in the neck.

Nancy said...

Hello again!

Caffey, your best of fiends joke is a winner! Jo-Jo's checking in again after his shows tonight. He's having fun on the side with us.

Miss Kitty, I'm sure Jo-Jo can use your punch line for vampires, but he might just branch into zombie humor.

Char, Jo-Jo's gonna love your joke, too.
And thank you for letting me and Nancy know that you enjoyed La Vida Vampire!

Mariee, the pain in the neck kiss will be a hit, too, I'll bet. I can hear the audience participation on so many of these!

I knew Amber's readers would come through on jokes - thank you all.

Time for me to study design again, so I'll check in later.


SiNn said...

loved the interview Cesca & nancy is awesome!
Why did the vampire attack the clown? He wanted the circus to be in his blood

Jo said...

Joke: What's a vampire's least favourite song?

Another One Bites the Dust

I have linked to this contest in my contest section (right sidebar):

I've also retweeted about this contest:

Nancy said...

SiNn and Jo, good morning!

Thank you for these chuckles. Jo-Jo caught a peek of all the new posts before he hit the mattress, and will be chuckling in his dreams.

So will I, and it's about time for me to fold myself into bed as well. Have a good Thursday, and I'll check in later.

Oh, and SiNn, Nancy says thank you for your kind compliment!


Unknown said...

Great interview, can't wait to take a peek at Last Vampire Standing!


What do you get if you cross Dracula with Sir Lancelot ?
A bite in shining armor!

Please enter me!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

Hi Amber!

I also posted your contest on my blog @ http://myblog2point0.blogspot.com/

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Dottie :)

Nancy said...

Hello, Dottie!

Your bite in shining armor joke is perfect for Jo-Jo. He's been known to defend a lady's honor a time or two. :)

Thank you for coming by to visit! I wish you a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

What do you give a vampire that has a cold? Coffin drops.

Also, blogged:


Unknown said...

Why was Dracula always willing to help young vampires? Because he liked to see new blood in the business

wanda f said...

Did you hear about the vampire who died of a broken heart? He had loved in vein

Nancy said...

Hello to Valorie, Becca and Wanda!

It's clear that Jo-Jo needs to hire the lot of you to write his material. These jokes? Too much fun!

I must have a talk with Nancy. She just HAS to save room in the next book to use these.

Oh, there she goes now. Excuse me while I run her down.

May you all enjoy your upcoming weekend!


Stephanie said...

What did the teacher say to Dracula after he failed his math test?
'Can't you count Dracula?'

Nancy said...

Stephanie, hello!

Thank you for more giggles. So, you think Count Chocula is the offical breakfast of vampires?

Groan. I know. I, ahem, suck at this. Which is why Jo-Jo is the comic.

Thank you for visiting and contributing your joke, and have a good weekend!


LuAnn said...

What fun! I don't think anyone's posted this joke yet, so here's my contribution:

What is Transylvania?
Dracula's terror-tory

I used this joke because my ancestors are from Transylvania. And that's no joke!

Soni Vamp said...

You know the one thing I can't stand about Vampires?
They're a pain in the neck!

Hi Amber, I've posted about your contest on My blog: http://vampirephile.blogspot.com/

My Twitter page: http://twitter.com/VampirePhile

And at, KSC (Kyle Schmid Central):


maggiemay said...

Why did the vampire take up acting?
It was in his blood.

Gaby317 said...

what does a vampire fear most?

tooth decay

gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

Daelith said...

What do you call a dog owned by a vampire?
A blood hound

Nancy said...

LuAnn, Soni, Maggiemay, Gaby and Daelith, it's a pleasure to meet you all!

Who knew there were so many great vampire jokes? Not Jo-Jo. And, yes, I will get the vampire cold shoulder from him when he reads that.

Thank you for stopping by, and for contriubting to the wealth of fangy jokes! I wish you all a terrific weekend!


Anonymous said...

What is Dracula's favorite movie?

The Vampire Strikes Back

Caffey said...

I had to come back and check out the jokes here! There are so many good ones that have me laughing!

Anonymous said...

Okay, not a great joke, but . . . .

Why did the vampire get married? Because he fell in love with the girl necks door.

Nancy said...

Hello to KC, Caffey and Cindy!

Thank you for these new jokes - Jo-Jo is so happy - which he'd tell you if weren't sleeping. (I'm up late again today.)

Caffey, these are good, aren't they? Nancy even snorted coffee and tea out her nose when she read them. That's a sight not to behold!

Hope everyone has a good rest of the weeknend, and I thank Amber again for letting me visit.