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Saturday, June 20, 2009

125) Phantasm by Phaedra Weldon

Zoë Martinique has spent alot of time getting used to her strange powers but when they suddenly disappear, for no apparent reason, she realises how much see needs them. Not being able to go Wraith leaves Zoë feeling weird but the weirdness is just beginning. Bodily changes, strange dreams and enemies are all around her and she needs her Wraith powers back as soon as possible.

With her mothers soul still trapped in the Abysmal plain there is more than enough motivation for Zoë to get her Wraith back on. However she needs to join up with an old enemy to make that happen and it isn't going to be easy becoming a Wraith again. Trouble is approaching and it is coming for Zoë and the only chance she has of surviving is getting her powers back as soon as possible.

Phantasm is the third book in the Zoë Martinique series. Wraith and Spectre, the first two books, were amazing, fresh and unique so I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Phantasm. However I have to say that while this series continues to be good, new and very unique the year wait between books really took its toll on me. I found it extremely difficult to connect with the characters and plot again after such a long break and this book just kept confusing me.

All that said this series is still great. I love Zoë Martinique and the out of body powers that make her a Wraith sound quite cool and is an area that doesn't come up very much in the Urban Fantasy genre. Full of action that usually sees Zoë being in danger or getting hurt, makes this book a fast paced roller coaster ride of a read.

However I do suggest that people starting this series read the books close together. If you already read Wraith and Spectre then do a little revision before delving into this one because it isn't easy to keep up otherwise. The author does her best to remind the reader of what happened before but it just wasn't enough which in turn had me putting this book down every couple of chapters so I didn't get a headache from information overload.

I am curious what will happen next in Zoë Martinique's world and I hope there will be a fourth book. However if and when it comes out I will make sure that I read up on the previous books again so I don't feel so out of the loop.

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This sounds like a great read.