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Saturday, June 27, 2009

You heard it here first!!

Yesterday I posted the Shane & Ciara interview for you all to enjoy and author Jeri Smith-Ready came by to share some news! Here it is incase you missed it -

Hi everyone! Shane & Ciara will be by a bit later to answer most of the comments, but for the moment you'll have to settle for me. ;-)

In addition to telling us about your pet (or instead of, if you don't have a pet), feel free to suggest a name for Shane's 90s cover band. If I find one he likes, it might appear in Book 3, which is now officially titled...you heard it here first...because I just found out yesterday...


which Police fans will recognize as one of their tunes. I'm very psyched I got to keep this title, as it's perfect for the book.

I still don't have an official release date, just that it'll be 2010 and NOT in May like the first two, because that's when my first YA novel, SHADE will be released.

So feel free to suggest names for Shane's band! I am already enjoying your pet stories but I can't wait to see what creative band names you can all think up!


LuAnn said...

How about the Mad Dogs?

Unknown said...

I was thinking of the name - The Lost Boys

Would be a cool reference to the vampire theme.

chey said...

Shadows of the Night for a band name.

Vickie said...

I posted on Ciara and Shane's interview, but will post my name suggestion here, too.

Something Wicked

Shane said...

Hey all, Shane here. Those are some awesome names. I don't know how we'll choose--maybe it'll be one of those things where we use a different name each week, like Nick's band in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Thanks for playing. Keep 'em coming. ;)