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Sunday, August 23, 2009

160) Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

It is a complicated life being a werewolf and Anna Latham knows this better than most. However she didn't know how dangerous it could be until she mated with Charles Cornick, son and enforcer of Bran, the leader of the North American werewolves. Being an Omega only makes her werewolf life just that little bit more confusing. Certain rules have to be followed, emotions blocked and alot of packs want their very own Omega.

Bran has a controversial proposition he has made to the werewolves all over the world. He believes they should all reveal themselves to the humans. A small summit has been organised to talk about the werewolves coming out but for certain reasons Bran can not attend. Anna and Charles take up the job and find themselves in Seattle trying to turn around the decisions of the wolves who are dead set against the plan.

Although it seems like there more people against the outing of the wolves. Anna is attacked by vampires and people are getting hurt or turning up dead. So Anna and Charles combine their powers and talents to try and hunt down the one responsible for the attacks or they could lose everything.

Hunting Ground is the second book in the Alpha and Omega series and it is much better than book one, Cry Wolf. However in saying that I also have to say that I am not yet in love with this series as much as I am in the Mercy Thompson books. They maybe set in the same world but the style and characters are wide apart from each other.

In this book the emotional relationship that Anna and Charles are growing into really interested. New couples usually seem to be in the honeymoon phase for a while but they are still getting to know each other and their limits. The whole werewolf politics and ways are still, in alot of respects, a mystery to Anna and it is fascinating to read about how she is coping with everything. The plot in this sequel to Cry wolf, didn't have alot of Bran in it but did expand on characters. Hopefully some of these will appear in future books and help build up this series.

I did enjoy this book but as I mentioned before this isn't my favourite series by the author. If you are a Patricia Briggs fan then this is a must read. However if you are a Mercy Thompson fan you maybe slightly disappointed. All in all this is a brilliant author and another great Urban Fantasy series. I look forward to more Alpha and Omega books and following Anna and Charles through their life together.


Vickie said...

I need to make time for this author. I'll start with the Mercy Thompson series on your recommendation.

Mardel said...

I think this series is okay, but the Mercy Thompson series is great. I believe this is (for me anyway) because the Alpha/Omega series seems more like a paranormal romance as opposed to Mercy Thompson, which is urban fantasy. I'll read the Alpha/Omega books because I like Patricia Briggs, but I keep the the Mercy Thompson books for a re-read later.

Anonymous said...

Argh it isn't even out in the UK yet and it's out and you have read it already! I skimmed your review as I don't want to spoiil it for myself but it looks like you enjoyed it which is good. Like you I love the Mercy series and can't wait for the next installment, but the short story and first installment of this were really enjoyable too.

Unknown said...

@ Rhinoa - I think you must be shopping in the wrong place...I got my copy from the UK...www.bookdepository.com

Maybe you should check them out? I order alot from them and they don't charge delivery!