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Friday, August 21, 2009

159) The Missing Ink by Karen E. Olson

Tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh is the owner of a modern tattoo parlor in Las Vegas. Brett and her work colleagues are used to people coming in, making an appointment and then not coming back again. Some people just change their minds. However when a girl comes in to make an appointment for a tattoo with her fiance's name, Brett is sure she will be back. So when the girl doesn't turn up for her tat but is on the news because she is missing, Brett knows something has gone wrong.

It seems that Brett is the last person to have seen the mysterious girl and she feels the need to find out more about her. When she finds out that the name on the tattoo isn't the girls fiance then the plot thickens. Things get even more mysterious and even deadly when Brett finds herself right in the middle of the investigation. Is the girl still alive? Brett needs to find out and everything always comes back to her tattoo parlour.

There are a couple of things that made me want to read this book. The cover was the first thing I saw and even though it is pink (a bit of a turn off) it looked cool. The second thing that struck me was the tattoo theme. Having a few tattoos myself and seeing as I intend on having a few more, this subject really appealed to me. However I have to say I was a little skeptical...another cozy mystery series? With a tattoo theme? With so many cozy mystery themes from tea shops to hairdressers I had to stop and wonder if this was going to be worth it. I took the chance and won!

This new series is one I will definitely be following. The details of the tattoo process were spot on and well written. The plot was not over the top or unrealistic but interesting and mysterious. The characters in the story were likable and ones I would like to get to know better. Brett herself was a sassy leading 'painted' lady and I could really relate to her.

I am really looking forward to the next book 'Pretty in Ink' and hope that this series will keep growing. New, fresh and fun the Tattoo Shop Mysteries is a cozy mystery for the young, old and lovers of tattoos. If you are looking for something different and like a good who-dunnit then look no further!


Lisa Rusczyk said...

This sounds like a fun read. I love cozies. Once I get my paycheck and my Kindle charged (cat ate through my last one and just today got a new one in the mail), this one's bought. Thanks for the review so that I could find out about it.

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Cat ate through the cable that is. Not the Kindle. That would be some tough teeth!

Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

this book looks really good. def. check it out. Awesome review :D

Vickie said...

I am looking forward to this book. It's been on my WWBL for a little while. Thanks for the confirmation that it's on there for a good reason.

Pam said...

This sounds fun! Thanks for the intro!