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Sunday, October 4, 2009

179) Magic and the Modern Girl by Mindy Klasky

After months of not working any witchcraft, Jane Madison discovers that not using her powers means losing her powers. With her Warder avoiding her, her familiar moved out, her mother leaving town again and her grandmother getting married, she doesn't really have the help and support she wishes she had. She wants to make things right but has no idea what to do.

In an attempt to put things right, Jane works a spell that should put an end to her problems. However the spell backfires and Jane is left with nothing. Unsure if she will ever get her powers back or if she and her warder can ever put things right, Jane concentrates on a new love, her job and trying to get used to an orange bridesmaids' dress.

This was the third book about Jane Madison and was, in my opinion, not the best of the three. The book did manage to give a nice ending but the rest of the story wasn't as good as the previous two books. Also there doesn't seem to be a fourth book coming so I feel I have been left short. I want to know what happens next!

One thing I can say for this series is that it is well written and fun. Although this installment was a little depressing, I still enjoyed reading about Jane's life, her friends and family. Now I am looking forward to reading what else the author has on offer. A quick look at Amazon led me to a new release called 'How Not to Make a Wish'. Not a part of this series but about a genie. Looks like a fun read and it has been added to my wishlist.

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