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Saturday, November 28, 2009

204) The Fashion Hound Murders by Elaine Viets

Mystery Shopper and mother of one, Josie Marcus, tries not to get into trouble. Keeping her daughter and herself safe is her main priority but her job sometimes gets her into trouble. Her newest assignment is to mystery shop a big pet store that has a reputation for using puppy mills. In store, Josie attracts the attention of an employee who wants to do something about the animal abusers. Unfortunately it turns out that whoever is supplying the animals isn't against murdering humans who won't keep quiet. So yet again Josie finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation.

I needed something light, fluffy but interesting to read this week and the newest Mystery Shopper book fit the bill perfectly. Not only did I enjoy catching up with Josie and her daughter but I also found out alot about animal rights. This story was not only interesting but it was also informative and inspiring.

The author obviously does her homework, which makes this cozy mystery series a joy to read. With so much detail and depth to guide the reader through the story there is no excuse not to get hooked into the plot. Twists and turns ensure there is never a dull moment while the characters make this a friendly and warm place to visit.

For some reason the end of this book sounded like the end of the Josie Marcus series. I hope that I am wrong and there will be more Mystery shopper books to come. Luckily this author has another Cozy mystery series, the Dead End Job Series, that I also enjoy. So I am not short of a few more Elaine Viets books to keep me busy.

Elaine's books are always a nice rest from the paranormal and are definitely worth reading. If you like any kinds of mystery or just want to try something new then I strongly suggest giving her books a go.


Elaine Viets said...

Yes, there will be more Josie Marcus mystery books. In fact, I've turned in the outlike for the next book, which I hope will be published in November 2010.
Thank you for reviewing "The Fashion Hound Murders." The subject is series, but the book is entertaining and I promise there is no graphic puppy abuse in its pages.

Anonymous said...

Elaine nice to read your blog today, I've been reading mysteries since a hild I graduated from picture books to "Nancy Drew". Your new book sounds amazing I definately putting it on my Christmas wish list.


you found just the right book to add to my wish list. than you!