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Sunday, November 29, 2009

205) Apocalypse Happens by Lori Handeland

As one of the only few people around who can battle the demons who have escaped from the darkest level of hell, Elizabeth Phoenix, knows she isn't winning the battle any day soon. However Liz is determined to stop Doomsday even though she knows how difficult it is going to be. People she thought were dead aren't dead anymore and there are things that want to destroy Liz and the people she loves.

The upcoming Apocalypse has Liz looking for help all over the place. She and her ex-lover Jimmy Sanducci have some personal problems they have to sort out but together they are fighting against one common enemy. Then there is the Navajo shama Sawyer who Liz wants to trust but isn't sure if he should be trusted. Also on her side, or so she thinks, is a fairy and a Lion shape shifter. The Apocalypse is growing close and Liz is finally starting to find out more about herself and the people she thought were her friends. Will they survive or perish together?

The Phoenix Chronicles are a must buy for me. Lori Handeland has been a favourite of mine for a while and this series is a treat. I needed a few chapters to get back into Liz and her world but after that I was hooked as always. These books are just like the cool TV Series Supernatural but with a kick-ass heroine in the lead instead of the two brothers.

This series is a different kind of Urban Fantasy for me. Where as most series keep to one paranormal element and maybe invite others in now and again, the Phoenix Chronicles has everything and isn't shy about mixing things up a bit. All kinds of legends, fantasy and myths all come out to play in this nail-biting series that has me on the edge of my seat.

What will happen next? I wish I knew! There was a bit of a cliffhanger but the next in the series Chaos Bites is due out in April. So there isn't a long wait! If you haven't tried this yet then I really suggest you do. Hard, deep and dark this series kicks, bites and throws punches all over the place and doesn't take any prisoner's! Just the way I like it ;)

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