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Saturday, January 23, 2010

11) Bad Blood by Mari Mancusi

When Sunny McDonald finds out that her vampire boyfriend Magnus is about to join with a mate, she is less than impressed. As leader of the Blood Coven he needs someone to help him co-rule but Sunny is a human and doesn't qualify to take the position. So when Sunny meets the chosen candidate Jane Johnson, of course she wants to find some kind of faults. However she finds more than a few faults and she begins to wonder if the supermodel graduate of Oxford university really is who she says she is.

Everyone thinks Sunny is more than a little suspicious of Jane after she fails to answers some easy questions. However Magnus thinks she is jealous and ignores her and jets off to Las Vegas for a Vampire convention. So Sunny and her twin Rayne follow the Blood Coven to the city of sin in the hope they will find out more about Jane and stop Magnus from making a very big mistake. Will Sunny find enough evidence in time? or will Jane get her claws into the Blood Coven and take over?

I have really enjoyed this series and was extremely happy to find there was a new book coming out. I really enjoyed the the change of scenery and the new characters in Bad Blood and the McDonald twins managed to make me giggle at least once in every chapter. This series is a little different to the other YA paranormals so it stands out and isn't hard to follow.

However I have to say that Bad Blood wasn't the best in the series so far. It was a fascinating read and I was finished pretty fast but all the best bits happened near the end and the book was over too soon. The cliffhanger ending has me dying to read the next in the series but I feel a little disappointed that I have to wait for another book to find out more.

All in all this is a great series and one I can recommend to any lovers of the YA Paranormal genre. You really have to start at the beginning of the series to completely enjoy it and all the books have just been re-released with some lovely new covers. So try them out and enjoy. Sunny and Rayne are the only paranormal twins worth reading about!

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