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Sunday, January 24, 2010

12) Deadtown by Nancy Holzner

When a plague hit downtown Boston three years ago only the humans suffered. The unique mutation didn't harm the werewolves, shapeshifters or vampires and the humans asking the paranormals to help them. To say Boston has never been the same since is an understatement. Especially when the dead started to rise as zombies three days after the horrific event.

Deadtown is the area of Boston where all the Paranormal Americans live. With not many, if any legal rights, those living in the area see themselves as lucky. Other states don't do anything for the Paranormals so Deadtown is somewhere they can live like humans do. Victory Vaughn is one of the paranormal.s A shapeshifter who can change up to three times per month. She is Boston's only demon slayer and her sometimes boyfriend is werewolf lawyer, Alexander Kane.

Kane is busy trying to get equal rights for the paranormals while Vicky is just trying to make enough money to get by. She is also trying to get some sleep. Most of the demons she slays are nocturnal so she prefers to sleep through the day. Somehow that plan isn't working out for her. It all starts when a blast from the past comes back into Vicky's life. An extremely powerful hellion that killed her father ten years ago. Now Vicky is trying to find out who is controlling the hellion before the legions waiting outside the city get in and destroy it completely.

I usually pick up on new reads when I see them advertised somewhere or reviewed on other blogs. I check out the blurb. I read what others have to say. I am always taking a chance when I order a book by a new author. Some times the blurb misled me, the reviews are just hype and I feel cheated. However with Deadtown I can only say thank you. Thank you to all the little pieces I read everywhere that led me to try out this book. Because with Deadtown I have found another must read series.

Well I hope this will be a series. Vicky is a kick-ass heroine that I definitely want to read more about. The world the author has developed in this new release is absolutely unique, dangerous and worth reading about. Just when I think that all the good plots must have been used up already, something like Deadtown comes along and wows me!

Deep, dark and edgy this could be one of my favourite reads this year. Sure we are only in January but I loved this one alot. New, captivating and not at all like any other series I know, Deadtown really impressed me. Being Welsh I appreciated the references to my home land. Being a lover of the genre I found the content exciting. As a reader I enjoyed the twists and turns.

There is nothing at fault with this book. Make sure you don't miss out on this new author on the block. Deadtown is a must read and if this doesn't turn into a series I will be more than disappointed.

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