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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

23) Werewolf Smackdown by Mario Acevedo

Vampire P.I. Felix Gomez has been called to Charleston to do some work for a werewolf. Unfortunately the job would mean he would be getting involved in a civil war between the local rival werewolf clans. Felix is ready to walk away from the job, go back home and ignore the whole things when someone decides to try and kill him. Felix doesn't like having attempts made on his life so he chooses to hang around a little longer.

One thing leads to another and before Felix knows what has happened he is mixed up in the war he was trying to ignore. An ex-girlfriend is also on the scene and an vampire enemy he thought was dust is annoying him. How Felix manages to get into these situations is beyond him but he can only hope that once again he comes out of it with all his body parts and still alive enough to drink blood.

The fifth book in the Felix Gomez series opens up with a werewolf head in a Tupperware container. The surreal and fantastic story just gets better and better from there on. With a giggle and laugh guaranteed in each chapter, this is not only funny but male friendly. There aren't many books in the Paranormal genre that appeal to the men out there but this one is definitely a book you can read yourself and pass on to the guy in your life afterwards.

Werewolf Smackdown is another great original witty story in this unusual but gripping series. While the books so far haven't come across werewolves before there have been many other paranormal surprises in the previous installments. With each book you can only ask what amazing things the author still has left in store for us. I for one want to find out!

It is hard to find anything to compare this series to. Jim Butcher does so well with the Dresden Files but it is lacking the comedy that Mario brings out through Felix. If anything this is the vampiric version of the Douglas Adams Dirk Gently series and is even similar to the Nightside books by Simon R. Green. However at the end of the day it doesn't matter what to expect from this series. You should expect the unexpected, laugh, enjoy and go back for more. I certainly do!

Werewolf Smackdown is due for release in March.

The previous books in the series are -

The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
X-Rated Bloodsuckers
The Undead Karma Sutra
Jailbait Zombie

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