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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24) Accidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy

With no memory of how she got there, Casey Schwarz wakes up in jail and calls her sister, Wanda, to come bail her out. There is no good explanation for her behaviour the previous night and Casey starts to get a little upset about everything. Suddenly fireballs are shooting around and horns are her new fashion accessory. It doesn't take Casey long to realise that her loss of memory is due to more than just some bump on the head or too much to drink.

That is when her sister drops the paranormal bombshell. Things are looking bad for Casey but then a hot vampire shows up with some answers. Clayton is definitely not giving Casey all the information she wants but she finds herself growing attracted to him. However things get even worse when Clayton's 'mate' shows up. So Casey finds herself possessed, evil and full of urges she has to keep in check. Otherwise she could get herself and Clayton killed.

The Accidental series has given me three laugh out loud books so far and I honestly thought they had come to an end. Then this new installment popped up somewhere and I was instantly intrigued. Who was in for an accidental surprise this time? I couldn't wait to find out.

Dakota Cassidy, has yet again written a fun and clever paranormal treat. Fast-paced and full of action, this is girlie and super sexy. However this book has left me feeling a little old and boring. Maybe I need a little accident in my life too. After all these girls seem to be having a fabulous time!

Whatever Dakota writes next is certain to end up on my TBR pile. She makes Betsy look lame and gives the reader an experience they won't forget.

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