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Thursday, February 25, 2010

25) Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison

There are so many supernatural dangers that Rachel Morgan has gone up against. As a witch and bounty hunter it is just another typical day if she is being attacked by something or other. However now Rachel has been shunned for dealing with demons and black magic and the coven wants her to pay for her crimes.

Life in prison sounds bad until Rachel finds out that the coven have other ideas of what they can do with her. So yet again Rachel has to rely on her friends and even some enemies to get out of another mess. Even if she does survive there is sure to be more smut on her aura by the end of the fight. Even a death in a family will be payment for coming out of this one alive.

Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series is the series that got me into the Paranormal genre. So it is no surprise that each new installment of the series goes onto my pre-order list as soon as possible. So when Black Magic Sanction arrived I instantly started reading it. There was no way I could wait another minute after waiting a whole year for a new Rachel Morgan story.

When you want something so bad and have waited so long there is always a chance that your expectations are way too high. This may be the case with Black Magic Sanction. I pushed through this one and forced myself to read to the end. It wasn't that it sucked but it just wasn't as special as any of the previous books in the series. I kept waiting and hoping that something amazing would happen but I just felt everything was bland.

Of course this series is a must buy and must read for me. However this time around I feel like I should have waited for the paperback release and saved myself some money. However I know for a fact that next time around I will be pre-ordering the newest edition as early as possible. I still want to catch up with Rachel, see how Ivy is doing, giggle at Jenks and see if Trent does anything cool. On the plus side one of my wishes for this new part did come true. I really hoped that the gargoyle Bis would play a bigger part and he did.

I would be interested to hear what everyone else thought of this one. I honestly didn't hate it but I am not feeling the love either. So I will wait patiently again for another year until another book comes out and hope that I will yet again be able to keep up with the story that I haven't visited for months.

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