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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Suggest a Guest Blog and win a prize with author Jeri Smith-Ready

In a month author Jeri Smith-Ready will be visiting Amberkatze's Book Blog. Jeri is not a stranger to Amberkatze's Book Blog and this time around she would love to write a guest blog for you all. However she needs a little inspiration! So we came up with a plan! You guys should come up with a title for the guest blog!! :)

All you have to do is leave a comment on this thread with ideas for a guest blog. You can write in detail what you think Jeri should blog about or just leave a title. Feel free to leave more than one suggestion. The more choice the better!

Oh and if your idea gets picked Jeri will send you an autographed cover flat for BRING ON THE NIGHT!

So put your thinking caps on and start suggesting! I will leave this contest open until next Wednesday 5th of April. So you have just under a week to post your ideas!

Oh and Jeri's YA debut, Shade comes out next month and I loved it! You all really need to get hold of a copy asap! It is really amazing!


Unknown said...

I think she should talk about her new series and whys she choose to write Ya. How she come up with the idea of writing about shade?Also she should talk about her up coming book bring in the night. I think the title should be something along the lines as.
-Ready set uprising
-Jeri bringing in the night
-Up coming best selling author author
-In the scope with Jeri
-ASK Jeri
haha thats all the ideas I have and I love Jeri's voice of crow series also I fell in love with that series 3 years ago.

Unknown said...

I would be interested to read the reasons and thoughts of an author who writes adult and YA books. Why did she choose to write YA (besides reaching a new audience)? Which one does she prefer and why? What are the differences when writing YA or adult novels? I would love to see all the behind the scenes of an author mind regarding these questions.

stella.exlibris (at) gmail DOT com

Patricia Altner said...

I know Jerri is very involved in animal rescue and fosters homeless pups, and I would like to hear more about this. And perhaps how, or if, this influences any of her stories.

heatwave16 said...

I think Jeri should blog about the importance of pets and animal side-kicks in the paranormal world.

Call it....When Animals Help...

Vickie said...

Your Demon and You
How to Love a Vampire
Rock'n'Roll Never Forgets
Writing YA -v- not YA

Lynsey Newton said...

I would really like to see Jeri blog about "A day in the life of a writer" with what her day consists of (thus destroying or confirming any myths readers have about writers).

I'd also love to know a bit about Jeri's writing process - HOW does she go about writing the novel - does she have an outline? What's her method? Does she fly by the seat of her pants?

Those are two of my ideas - either "A day in the life" and/or "HOW I write". A combination of the two would make me the happiest girl! :)

Carrie Clevenger said...

I'd love to see what her process is in writing a novel, does she outline or just write by the seat of her pants?

How does she find music to write by?

How does she handle the attention her books get, good or bad?

"Bring on Jeri"
"She Talks to Vampires"
"Lady of the Night"
"Shady Vampires and such, oh my!"

Unknown said...

"WVMP with Jeri Smith"
"WVMP where rock and roll never sleeps"
" Rock and Roll is forever

Unknown said...

I think you should blog about what you do when/if you get writer's block. Also, what you would be doing if you weren't a writer.

heidi330 said...

Day in the Life of a DJ Vampire ..

Spending Time with Vampire DJ and how the come up with their show

maybe Jeri interviewing one of the DJ Vampires for the blog or any one of her other characters she would like to interview

How about a blog with Jeri being a guest on the vampire radio with one of the DJ's interviewing Jeri....which one would Jeri like to be interviewed by????

I will keep thinking, see what else I can come up with..