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Friday, May 14, 2010

67) Honeymoon of the Dead by Tate Hallaway

Occult bookseller Garnet Lacey is finally married to vampire Sebastian Von Traum and it is time for the honeymoon. Sitting on a plane ready to take off for Vienna, Garnet, a goddess filled witch, notices something isn't quite right. It seems they have a bit of a frost demon problem. Needless to say Garnet decides they are better off getting off the plane.

So the newlyweds are stuck in Minneapolis. It isn't exactly what they had planned but they decide to make the most of it. After all it is where Garnet grew up and she is happy to see and share her old stomping grounds with her new husband. However, as it usually is, Garnet finds herself in trouble again. Hopefully her new marriage will be able to stand the tension.

I have always enjoyed this series and Honeymoon of the Dead was no exception. Unfortunately this fifth installment is also the last book in the series. I was very upset to hear this and actually felt sad while reading this. Garnet is one of those characters that you love from the beginning and it is a shame that she won't be around to read about any more.

It was strange reading this and knowing it would be the end. Certainly the finish didn't leave any cliffhangers but there are a few things I still would have liked to have heard more about. The ending was left open enough for more stories about Garnet but I doubt that will ever happen, such a shame.

Anyway I have enjoyed this series and would recommend it to anyone who likes a good witch! Garnet always manages to find trouble and I hope she enjoys the rest of her life with her vampire Sebastian. I also hope that the author will be bringing us more paranormal treats soon. Tate Hallaway has a wonderful writing style and hopefully something else is already in the works!

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