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Saturday, May 22, 2010

71) Magic on the Storm by Devon Monk

Allie Beckstrom is a Hound. A person who can track illegal spells back to the people who cast them. There is always a price to pay for using magic and in Allie's case the price is headaches, aches, pains and memory loss. Nobody ever said using magic was easy but things are about to get real dangerous.

There is a storm approaching Portland and when it hits, all the magic in the area will go haywire. There is no way to stop the magically front but there are ways to stop it from taking out the whole city. Allie and her lover, Zayvion Jones, have to help fight against what the storm may bring. However they both know that the price on the amount of magic they use could be much higher than it usually is.

Magic in the Storm is book number four in the Allie Beckstrom series. Just when I thought things couldn't get harder for Allie, they do. Actually so many things happen in this newest installment that would make any other grown woman just give up. Not Allie. She keeps fighting and doing what she needs to do, right to the very cliffhanger end.

I really like Allie and have done since the very beginning of this series. Actually all the good guys in these books are starting to really grow on me and I can't wait to meet up with them again. However the plot really does it for me. Twists, turns and surprises come from all over the place and it makes for a thrilling read. This is near perfect Urban Fantasy.

The magic in this series practically jumps out of the pages. Different, unusual and nothing like you have ever read before, this book and the rest of the series certainly makes an impact. Where the series will go next is clear from the cliffhanger ending (but I won't spoil things for you) but what will happen there is something we will have to wait till November to find out.

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