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Sunday, May 30, 2010

75) Tomb with a View by Casey Daniels

Cleveland's Garden View Cemetery has a lot of residents. However only one of them used to be a President of the United States. James A. Garfield has his own memorial and with the anniversary of his birth and death coming up, there will be a special commemoration for him.

This where reluctant tour guide and medium Pepper Martin comes in. Assigned to help plan the event she is annoyed to hear that she will have to work with know-it-all volunteer Marjorie Klinker. The woman maybe a good source for Garfield information but she also thinks she is related to the late President.

Pepper wishes that Marjorie was dead but it seems she isn't the only one. Marjorie had managed to get herself mixed up in something that has deadly results but with so many suspects and not much evidence Pepper isn't sure who did it or why. With the help of a dead President, Pepper finds herself once again looking for a killer.

The sixth Pepper Martin mystery is, like the previous books in the series, a wonderful read. I always enjoy these books about the cemetery working medium and love visiting Pepper. She never fails to surprise me and it is a pleasure to be invited into her life. Pepper is just a normal gal trying to get by in her normal job. The fact that she can see ghosts makes her different but she handles it well and isn't dramatic about it. Amusing, feisty and clever, Pepper is someone I can relate to and would love to have as a friend.

A cozy mystery with a paranormal twist, this series keeps getting better and better. Always well written and with a plot that keeps the reader guessing till the end, the series is a guaranteed fun and easy read. This time around I was happy that the ghost involved wasn't looking for a killer but helping for another reason. It was also nice to have Pepper's love life come into view now and again. What I also enjoyed in this new mystery is finding out about an American President I knew nothing about. It is always nice to learn something while reading!

What else can I say without giving the plot away? Nothing! I will just tell you that this series is a must buy for me. I couldn't go without reading a Pepper Martin book and already want book seven! I was lucky enough to be sent this ARC from the Penguin Group and feel sorry for those who have to wait till July 6th for the release. However now I have to wait even longer for the next book in this fantastic and original series.

Previous books in the series :

Tombs of Endearment
The Chick and the Dead
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Night of the Loving Dead
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Tomb with a View (6th July 2010)

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Casey said...

So glad you enjoyed the book! And what a cover, huh? The artist perfectly captures the feel of the book, and Pepper's good looks, too!