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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

76) Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur

Riley Jenson works for the Directorate of Other Races, an organisation created to police the supernatural and protect the humans from them. Both werewolf and vampire, Riley is fed up of what her job is doing to her. With her soul mate Kye dead she is beginning to wonder if the Directorate is what she really wants from her life. As usual there is no time to think about all that.

A slain body of an ex-con is found and the soul that talks to Riley says a demon killed him. If that was all Riley has to deal with then it would be easy and things are never easy. An enemy from her past is coming back to haunt her and wants to hurt her good. With everything gone, will Riley be able to find her way back on track and decide what she wants out of life? Can she survive this fight or will she give up?

This series has been one of my must buys and must reads since it first started. However I fear this is the last we will see of Riley. I haven't checked but it seems this is the last in the series. The ending certainly suggested that things have come to an end and left things all wrapped up. The continuing story has been a joy to follow, with twists and turns all the way. The way Riley has developed as a character is inspiring and she one cool dhampire.

So what can I say about this new and maybe last piece in the Riley Jenson series? The first thing that springs to mind is 'don't miss this!'. If you haven't read the series yet then start now and read them all and enjoy them as much as I have. If you have been following the series then you won't be disappointed because Moon Sworn has everything you have come to love and like about the series and just a little bit more. This, as I mentioned, is a must buy series.

Of course if the series isn't over then I look forward to seeing Riley again. If not I know there are more Keri Arthur books out there that I still have left to read and there will always be more! This is an author who has not only made a name for herself in the Urban Fantasy genre but she has also made Australia a cool supernatural setting to read about!


budletsmom said...

This is the last book in the series but the author said she is going to start a new series with Riza (think that is her name the little girl with powers). I am bummed to see this series end as well.

E.J. Stevens said...

Looking forward to this one.

From the Shadows

JenM said...

Keri Arthur is already writing a new series set 25 years in the future featuring Risa and she has said that Riley, Rhoan, and maybe Liander will make a brief appearance. Quinn is also somewhat involved because Risa is half Aedh and he helps her learn about her powers.

Unknown said...

I love this series I'm sorry to see the series end but I'm glad