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Thursday, June 3, 2010

77) Captivate by Carrie Jones

Zara and her friends have been capturing pixies and keeping them locked up in an old house. They know it doesn't solve the problem for good but it keeps them out of the way and humans safe. With the king stuck in captivity his control over his people is getting weaker and he is more vulnerable. So when a new king comes to town they all know that something is about to happen. Something not good.

The new pixie king, Astley, is moving in quickly. Nick, Zara's boyfriend and wolf, nearly killed him already but Zara rescued him. Astley is full of information that Zara isn't sure she should believe. However she is wonders if some pixies can actually be good. Should she take his ideas and revelations to be true? Is he really one of the good guys? The evidence is certainly pointing towards it.

Then Zara's relationship with Nick is at stake and there is only one way Zara knows that will save them all. It is something she swore she would never do but Astley has assured her it is the only way. Can Zara see the truth from the lies? Are there even any lies? Whatever the outcome, people are going to get hurt because the pixies have escaped and are loose in the town.

'Captivate' is the sequel to 'Need' and it definitely makes a good next installment. I remember reading Need a while back and finding it a little less clear and defined than this second book so I was really impressed by how the story continued and the way the characters had grown into their roles.

Listening to this book was a little weird for me. I have, until know, mostly listened to audios of books that I have already read. Using audio versions to re-visit a series I enjoy. So Captivate at the beginning really had to fight hard to keep my attention. It won in the end but the first hour or so nearly had me tuning out and turning off.

Then the story picked up. It was a good story with some nice developments that I didn't see coming. However this book, like the previous book, reminded me too much of Twilight. The vampires maybe pixies but the main character Zara sounded like Bella. I wonder if I had read this book if I would have come to the same conclusion but listening to this book really gave me a Twilight feeling.

As a young adult book this is pretty plain in the way of sexual content but it is quite bloody at times. All in all I think this is one of those books aimed at young adults that really is for young adults. Although if you are an adult with a need for something Twilight like then you will be very happy with this book.

While I am not attracted to this book for its Twilight like properties I am looking forward to a third book in the series. Pixies are interesting and I want to see what happens next. The ending was so unexpected that I wondered if I had only downloaded half of the book. So my interest will have me looking for the next part when it comes out early next year.

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