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Monday, July 26, 2010

Author Interview & Contest with Lynsay Sands

This week I have a second author interview for you guys! Please give a warm welcome to author Lynsay Sands!

Lynsay is well know for her Argeneau and Rogue Hunter Vampire series and I know that a lot of you are looking forward to the new book, Born To Bite, which comes out at the end of August. Oh and we are lucky readers this year because in November we also get Hungry For You! Argeneau fans update your wishlists or better yet pre-order. I already have :)

So enjoy the interview and check back because Lynsay is going to try and stop by! Be sure to read till the end and enter the contest. Lynsay is giving away a special prize!


Amber - Lynsay, welcome to Amberkatze's Book blog! You have a new Argeneau novel out! Born to Bite is the 13th book in the series and I am sure it isn't going to be unlucky for you. Can you tell us a little about what we can expect this time around?

Lynsay – Actually 13 is a lucky number for me. One of my parents was born on the 13th, and that was pretty darned lucky in my opinion, since if they hadn't been born, neither would I. As for what you can expect, Born to Bite clears up the question of what really happened fifty years ago with Nicholas and the poor woman he was accused of killing. Unfortunately, explaining it in Renegade Hunter would have given away all of Armand's story, so it had to wait until now. It was also too much to explain in just a couple paragraphs and they only give me so many words per story. It also clears things up about Armand's bad luck with wives and brings him back into the fold which is definitely a good thing.

Amber - How do you decide which Argeneau will be next and what is going to happen to them?

Lynsay – I don't really decide so much as they do. Now you’re thinking “what does she mean by that?!” LOL. What I mean is that ideas circulate inside my head all the time. Some stay just a possibility or scene that floats through once or twice, but others will grow and become more insistent or even whole stories. The one that squawks the most, or takes up more of my thoughts, ends up being the next story. It's kind of like the squeaky wheel getting the grease, and once I start writing I often hit a point where the characters start doing completely unexpected things, that's when I know it's working, because they've taken on a life of their own in a way. I know a lot of writers plot whole stories out and so on, but I can't work that way. I just can't force a story. Either it comes or it doesn’t. If I try to force it, which believe me I have tried in the past, it simply doesn't work. The story will be stiff and horrible and I suffer a great deal to produce it. So I've learned to listen more to the characters. Right now Christian, Jeanne Louise and Harper are making the most noise in my head, and Harper is in the lead with Mirabeau, Tiny and Stephanie backing him up on wanting us to visit Port Henry again, so-- at the moment--that's who I think the next book I write will be about. However, that could change by the time I sit down to hear their story.

Amber - The Argeneau books are one of my favourites reads. Will there be more?

Lynsay – Yes! As mentioned, Armand's story, Born To Bite is coming out in September and Alex Willan's story, Hungry For You is coming out in December. Also, I have just signed a contract for another 3 books in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series. But there are more than three stories floating around inside my head. There are so many characters to play with in this series that the ideas just keep rolling in.

Amber - With so many Argeneau books do you find it hard to keep track of who did what and when? Have there been mistakes? ;)

Lynsay – It does get to be a problem at times but generally I do pretty well at keeping it straight. The occasional thing has made it into the books but it’s only happened a couple of times and readers tend to enjoy pointing it out! LOL

Amber - Are you like any of your characters? Or are any of your characters based on people you know?

Lynsay – Many of my characters are based in part on people I know like family members, but no one character is entirely based on one person. As for whether I'm like any of my characters, I suppose there's a bit of me in every one of them. . . well, maybe not the bad guys . . . I mean, I hope not the bad guys, lol

Amber - How do you pick the names of your characters? Are they just names you like, people you know or do they have some other meaning?

Lynsay - Some names I choose because I like them. They could be names I’ve come across in my readings, daily life or people I know. However others have meaning like Argeneau and Argentus based on latin for silver because they have silvered blue eyes. And Leonius Livius, for example was named that because he's got a lion's mane of blond hair (Leonius), and because underneath all his madness, he envies the immortals. And then too, I often name characters after family members, many have shown up in the books in name at least.

Amber - What kind of research have you done for the Argeneau books? Anything interesting or is the research boring?

Lynsay – Research for the Argeneau books is interesting but then again I like doing research as I find history and science interesting. For the Argeneaus, I had to do some scientific research to find a logical reason for their immortality and what may or may not be plausible for them to do or get done to them physically. I looked up a lot of bio-engineering and nano research for that. Sometimes I also have to do historic research for the eras and areas they were living in in the past if it’s necessary for the story. And I sometimes do geographic research for areas they visit or reside in now. This research is fun though as it forces me to take a ‘vacation’ to wherever it is the characters going to go.

Amber - What are you listening and watching lately? Is there any music or other media that influences your writing?

Lynsay – I have my favourite shows. I watch funny and scary and avoid depressing. I also do this in reading. I watch Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, and used to watch Ugly Betty though that's done now. And I tend to listen to all sorts of music, from dance to alternative to soft rock. It all depends on my mood.

Amber - There are a lot of online sites taking up people’s time lately. Are you on Facebook or any other sites? Do you think the sites are useful or do they just take up too much of your time?

Lynsay – Groan… well I am on many sites. Facebook, Myspace, Windows Live blog, Twitter, my forum and message board on my website, etc. Do I think it’s a waste of time? I think it can be very time consuming and though I love to chat with readers I feel sometimes it can be a bit much as it can go on 24/7, if you let it. I guess it’s like everything else… the key is moderation. But I have to say, instead of being the time saving device it was supposed to be when first created, the computer has instead become a time eater with a voracious appetite.

Amber - If you could be any paranormal creature, what would you be and why?

Lynsay – That’s easy… an immortal like my Argeneaus. You never age, you’re strong, you’re fast, can have as many careers as you like and you never get sick. Only downside would be having to drink bagged blood (ick) and the possibility of never finding your lifemate. That would suck. I’m sure living that long without someone you could relax around would get pretty lonely.


Contest Time

Lynsay is giving away a special prize! One lucky person will get a copy of Love Bites with the old cartoon cover (see pic). These are now out of print and may actually be worth something in the future! While I think the new covers are nice and steamy, I loved the cute cartoon covers.

How To Enter

Who is your favourite Argeneau? and why?

No Character = No Entry

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Unknown said...

Thomas is my favorite....he had such a hard life but was always willing to bring a smile to a lady's face. And then he met his mate! I LOVED his book!

cait045 said...

I love Lucern. He's just so surly unless Kate is around and just grunts at everyone. He is quite charming being with Kate.

Ladytink_534 said...

I don't have one because I've never read this series before. I really want to though! I did pick up the seventh book because Victor sounded neat.


Anonymous said...

My favorite is Lucern and Nicholas! I have two because I can't pick just one.. and those two are at the top of my list! I love them both for different reasons though.. I love the fact that Lucern is grumpy and he makes me laugh like no other..I loved reading his book!! NO!! is his favorite word and every time he says No but it ends up getting changed around into a yes! lol.. And Nicholas is just plain HOT! He cracks me up too!!! He didn't want a mate, but look at him now! He's got one! Nicholas is just such a loner and Im glad that he has someone now!!

sin said...
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sin said...

Lucian is my favorite immortal because I just fell for him in Love Bites. Threatening to have Rachel "terminated" if she did not do the right thing. Not to mention his age..meow His description just had me melting...

**Posted link on FB: http://www.facebook.com/sin.S1

Also sent e-mail to friends of Lynsay's forum

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Elvi Black from "The Accidental Vampire" is probably my most favorite. She certainly was the funniest and it blew me away when I realized that she was an elderly lady when she turned. All the vampire myths came out to play in this book.

tweeted about contest--http://twitter.com/alterlisa/status/19602941838

Meredith said...

I don't have one yet--I haven't read any of Lynsay's books. I'd love to read one!

meredithfl at gmail dot com

debbie said...

I really like Armand, I think he just seems like a great guy.

wanda f said...

Hi Lynsay Ive read all of your books and every one on them is great .The Argeneaus are my favorite series followed by The Devil of the Highlands.My favorite of your characters would be Lissianna from (A Quick Bite ) I loved the humor of this book it was a fantastic read. I 'd also say that Love is Blind is one of my favorite reads ever .
I tweeted

posted on facebook

wanda f

Anonymous said...

I am a follower. I have never read any of Lynsay's books but they sound very interesting and I would really like to read them. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

D Q said...

I don't have one because I've never read this series. I'll have to check it out though.

felinewyvern said...

I've only read one or two Argeneau books (lack of funds sucks)but my favourite character is Lissianna Argeneau. After all who can resist a heamophobic vampire vixen in love with a hot psychologist?

LSUReader said...

Great interview. I love the Argeneau series—so uniquely creative in its approach to vampires. And Lynsay is nice enough to post a family tree on her website, so we can keep them all straight! Okay favorites from the series: Bastien and Marguerite. I figure surely since there are so many characters we’re allowed one favorite from each gender. Thanks.

jeanette8042 said...

My favorite Argeneau is Marguerite because I love seeing her meddle in her childrens' love lives and her cheerful personality makes me love her even more.

Stephanie said...

I haven't read this series yet, so I don't have a favorite character yet. I'd love to win.


jellybelly82158 said...

I love this series!!! My Favorite is Lissianna. To be a vampire that can't stand the sight of blood. I think that is really something funny

GALENA said...

lissanna for she is to human an tis funny about her an the sight of blood

Sue Brandes said...

I have not read her books but; I went on her website and found Victor. He sounded quite interesting. Your books sound wonderful. Will be adding them to my reading list.

Unknown said...

Lucian is my favorite.




Carmen R said...

My favorite is Marguerite, I find her funny how she always trying to match everyone up.

Twitter post http://twitter.com/Carmen_R/status/19812502930

Facebook post: http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=586581099&v=wall&story_fbid=127311683979843

Myspace post: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=46680621&blogId=537664017

hdtermite at yahoo dot com

Llehn said...

I haven't read any of the books but Lucien sounds pretty damn hot!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the great interview and the giveaway!!

I ahven't read this series yet, but I would choose Armand, because I love that name. So romantic and gentlemanly :-)

+1 Posted on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000899165880&v=wall&story_fbid=138735316158891

+1 Tweeted: http://twitter.com/Stella_ExLibris/status/19830216500

Thank you!

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

kalynnick said...

Like many people here, I too love Lucern so he is my favorite!

kalynnick AT yahoo DOT com

throuthehaze said...

I haven't read this series yet so I don't currently have a favorite.
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Louis H said...

If I had to choose I would pick Lucern Argeneau, his story is the most I can relate to

Marnie said...

Lucern --- I just love him - Gumpy Personality and all.

Dot S.(ladeetdareads.wordpress.com) said...

Bastian...definitely Bastian. He's so-o-o sexy and business savy and I love his name. I love everyone of Lindsay's books. She can't write them fast enough for me.

Steph from fangswandsandfairydust.com said...

I could have sworn I already entered this. I like the rogue family member, Nicholas or Victor, He has lived for years under a death sentence when he was not the culprit and helps to capture and bag the bad guys.

buddyt said...

I would have to go for Armand because I have not read a lot of her books.


Carol t

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

minervabcn said...

I haven’t yet have the opportunity to read any of the Argeneau books, because the author is almost unknown in my country, but after reading the interview to Lynsay Sands and some of the comments posted here, I’m very interested in reading the series. Please, enter me in the contest. Thanks!

saturdaynightfever said...

Bastian; a hootie!


Anonymous said...

Lucern is my favorite. He makes me chuckle but he is also loveable. garrettsambo@aol.com

Deborah Wellenstein said...

I will have to pick Lucern. Yes, he's grumpy, that's why I like him!

binabug said...

I really like Armand
thanks for the chance to win

Sand said...

Thomas is my favorite because he's so passionate!