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Saturday, December 18, 2010

163) Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

The Blurb -

Sixteen-year-old Evie learns that she is not quite the person she thought she was in this creature-feature mash-up. Possessing the unique ability to recognize paranormals beneath their glamour, Evie has lived most of her life under the protection of the International Paranormal Containment Agreement (IPCA), an organization dedicated to the cataloging and neutralizing of paranormal creatures. After a mysterious entity begins killing paranormals around the world, Evie discovers some startling truths about her own identity.

My Thoughts -

Paranormalcy was haunting me. Every time I looked at Amazon or Audible it seemed to be on my recommendations list or it would pop up when searching for something else. In the end I gave up trying to put off reading this book and decided to listen to it instead. I needed something new and paranormal to listen to and this looked like a good one to try out.

There are so many Paranormal and Fantasy genre books nowadays and the amount of Young Adult Paranormals since the 'Vampire' explosion is just amazing. So lately I seem to start each YA book wondering how long it will take to find some resemblance to Twilight or even worse another 'School' or 'Academy' full of paranormals. Paranormalcy surprised me by not living up to any of these expectations and actually did not do the typical storyline or plots. The writer managed to come up with something new, unusual and good. Kudos to her!

It was refreshing. I didn't know what would happen next. There was no use guessing because the author really did think about things and seemed to go out of her way to make this book non Twilight, non stupid teenage girl and not predictable. Yes, Evie makes mistakes but she doesn't go and follow the stereotypical path that all the girls in the majority of the YA books always seem to follow. I admired Evie and liked her a lot and hope that this book wasn't just a one off but the start of something I can really get my teeth into.

Yes this is Young Adult but it is still paranormal and the good kind of yummy paranormal. Full of vampires, weres, fae and many more supernaturals, this book really covers some ground and then some. Think of Paranormalcy as being a tamer version of your favourite Urban Fantasy series without the sex, drugs and rock and roll. Well worth reading or listening to. Although I have to say I did think the narrator sounded a little too 'cheerleader'.


Aurian said...

A book that manages to amaze you after all you have read so far, sure must be something. I'll put it on my list!

E.J. Stevens said...

I loved Paranormalcy for the same reasons. It was such a fun read. Great review!
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