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Saturday, January 29, 2011

16) The Werewolf Upstairs by Ashlyn Chase

The Blurb -

Public defender Roz Wells moves into a Boston apartment building filled with odd inhabitants, including shapeshifters, a couple of witches who make a noisy living with their phone sex business, a vampire, a ghost, and other paranormal beings. Roz’s new neighbor, the tall and exquisitely built Konrad Wolfensen, who sports flowing golden locks, is friendly and kind, sympathizing with her over her disappointment in her career choice.

He claims to work in security, but they meet up again when he is assigned to her caseload for allegedly lifting a fully loaded commercial freezer, something beyond human capabilities. When Roz and Konrad start a steamy relationship, they decide to try out a series of possible careers, from bartending to jumping out of planes, but something always goes hilariously and catastrophically wrong. Then, when they try to help a neighbor witch and a ghost who is haunting the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Konrad’s freedom and secrets are put in jeopardy.

My Review -

I really enjoyed Strange Neighbors, the first book in this new paranormal series. So I have been really looking forward to The Werewolf Upstairs to seeing how the paranormal tenants in the Boston house are doing. This time the main characters were Konrad and Roz and I immediately liked both of them. However they seemed to fall into a relationship with each other very quickly which at first put me off a little. Then as things progressed I was too interested in the plot to let it bother me.

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the large cast in the house but the amount of characters really does give the story a family and friendly feel to it. This is like a Paranormal version of the TV series Friends and it is just as funny and lively. A good plot and well written this is really a nice chick-lit time Paranormal. Steamy moments and romantic words are also included and a little mystery.

I can't wait to see where the author goes next with this light and lovely series. With such a wide range of paranormals to choose from I just hope the series manages to continue to tell each story. If you like Lynsay Sands or Linda Wisdom you will adore these books. Well worth checking out and enjoying.


Aurian said...

Are those books also written with lots of humor, just plain fun to read? The bit about the trying out new jobs and stuff sounds funny to me.

Unknown said...

The humor makes them fun to read but the actions of the characters do go along way to making the story better.

Konrad and Roz trying out new jobs was funny but I was a little puzzled about some of their choices.