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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

61) Always The Vampire by Nancy Haddock

The Blurb -

It's not easy being a dutiful maid of honor when you're a vampire in the Sunshine State...

Cesca Marinelli has been slacking on her duties as a vampire princess, but she will be the best maid of honor ever for Maggie's Victorian wedding. However, when her mostly-human honey, Saber, falls ill due to a magical construct called the Void, she knows she'll have to go beyond the call of bridesmaid duty...

The Void is affecting every supernatural being in Cesca's afterlife, including her shapeshifter ex, Triton. To counter the Void's reign of terror, Cesca must fully summon her vampire powers-which may lead to her own doom.

My Review -

I have been waiting for this book for what seems like forever! Always The Vampire is part #3 in the Oldest Vampire series and it has taken its time hitting the shelves. I have missed Cesca the nice normal vampire gal. She isn't trying to be all kick-ass and special like most leading ladies and she is the kind of person I would pick as a best friend. So I couldn't stop myself from starting this book as soon as it arrived. I couldn't wait to catch up with Cesca again!

Of course seeing as Cesca has been AWOL for a while it did take me a few chapters to get back into the story. After the initial warm-up phase things started to fall back into place for me and I found myself getting more and more sucked in by the story. The plot was very exciting and everything kept surprising me. I didn't see any of the twists coming in this one and it was great to read something different than the usual predictable storyline.

I think one of the things I really love about this series, except for Cesca, is that the author has obviously set the books in a place she knows and loves. I have the urge to fly over to Florida and visit this amazing place that I feel I already know so well because of these books. Of course another little bonus in these books are the yummy guys but I know you are all just looking for the vamps and have no need for that kind of candy ;)

In Always The Vampire, Nancy Haddock delivers another great dish of paranormal and mystery with a little romance on the side. The style reminds me a little of Linda Wisdom's work but it definitely has a bit more kick. Full of vampires, magic and even a were-dolphin, this book, like the previous ones in the series, are full of some lovely supernatural surprises.

Never a dull moment it is hard to put down this third installment in the series. I only hope that the next book won't take as long to be released as this one. Make sure you check out this author and series. It is really worth it! I do however recommend reading the previous books in the series first as a lot of the storyline does carry on throughout the series.

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Aurian said...

Your review has made me very curious about this series. I am going to search for the first one. Thank you for adding to my TBR again ;)