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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amberkatze guest blog and contest!

A few weeks ago author Elle Beauregard was a guest here on Amberkatze's Book Blog.

Back then Elle asked me to write a blog for her as well but I couldn't think of a theme. So I asked you guys to give me some ideas and Victoria came up with the one I decided to write about!

Now the blog is done! It should be already posted (time difference could mean I am early or late...) and I decided to add a contest!

So go over to Elle's Blog and read my guest post and then come back here and enter the contest! You could win a book from my TBR shelf!


Contest Time!

I am giving away a copy of one of my To Be Read books featured in my guest blog over on Elle's site!

How To Enter?

Go over to Elle's site and read my guest blog. Check out the photos and see which books you can spot.

See a book you like? Well come back here and tell me which one you want. You may just win a copy!!!

No Choice = No Entry

Earn more entries for each link you place about this contest on the net. You can post on Facebook, Twitter & MySpace but make sure you add links here for me to confirm your entries! However please do not make individual postings for each entry. Please post all your entries in one post.

Advertise Amberkatze's Book Blog on your site and get an extra entry for this and every other contest!

Amberkatze's Book Blog

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You can also earn extra entries by emailing your friends about the contest. Just make sure you send a copy of your email or receipt to me at Amberkatzes_book_blog at gmx dot net.

Make sure you post your links here so I can confirm your entries.

Keep the contests going by using the Bookdepository.com and Amazon.com links/Banners below and around the site!

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The contest will stay open until Wednesday 24th of August 2011 4pm CET and the winner will be picked by a randomizer. Entrants should check back to see if they have won. I do not hunt down winners and will pick new winners for any prizes not claimed within 7 days.


Unknown said...

crank is my choice ;)


I think I just pick by what I'm in the mood for too.

Aurian said...

Nice blog Amber! Recognizing the books was certainly not easy, but I found one I really want:

Kate Collins, and I guess Dirty Rotten Tendrils, by the color of the book.

Follower, subscriber, and I have your blog advertised on my own.

Elle Beauregard said...

So excited for the contest Amber! Thanks for your guest post!

Victoria said...

Thank you so much for choosing my question. I had a very difficult time making out books that I didn't already read :). Did I see Demon Blood? if so, that's one I'd pick. Thank you so much.


SandyG265 said...

Dirty Rotten Tendrils by Kate Collins would be my choice

JenM said...

Those were pretty hard to read, but I think I spotted Mercy Burns by Keri Arthur on the top of one of those piles. I would love to win that. Thanks for the contest.

jen at delux dot com

minervabcn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andra Lyn said...

I would love to win Scorched by Sharon Ashwood! (I think that's the author...but I can't really make out the name!)


I am a follower, a subscriber, I have your blog advertised on my own, and I tweeted (@Andra_Lyn) THanks for the contest!

Anonymous said...

Wow these all look so good its hard to pick just one.
I see the Beautiful Dead books by Eden Maguire and I've been dying to read them so whichever one that is closest to the first book is good for me.
When my TBR pile gets to be too high I usually go alphabetically lol with exceptions made for gifts or new releases in a series.
Have a great week!
I am a GFC follower and email subscriber


Tore923 said...

I want Mercy Burns. Please enter me in contest. I am a follower and email subscriber. Tore923@aol.com

myrandaroyann said...

Mercy Burns, please! myrandaroyann[at]gmail[dot]com Thank you!

minervabcn said...

So many wonderful books in your shelves that it is difficult to choose just one!

Since lately I've become interested in thrillers, I'd pick "The Reborn" by Lin Anderson.

I'm an email subscriber.

Thanks for sharing!

minervabcn at gmail dot com

Dovile said...

I'd like to read any book from the Beautiful Dead series by Eden Maguire on your shelf.

felinewyvern said...

I have very bad eyesight so I can't really see the books that well in the photo. If there are any science fiction/fantasy romances I am sure I'd love one of them ;) If not it doesn't matter as I have plenty of books on my tbr pile (just not as many as you!).

I'm a follower, subscriber and Facebook fan :D


Stephanie said...

I really couldn't make out the books. But, if you have any cozy mysteries or urban fantasies, I'll read one of those.


Barbara E. said...

I had a hard time seeing the books, but I'd choose Scorched by Sharon Ashwood if that is one of them.

RILEKAT said...

I would like to win the Cherry Cheesecake Murder.

I like you on FB
Kat Riley

wanda f said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vickie said...

Any of the following would be SWEEEEEET!:

FINAL CUT - Lin Anderson
THE REBORN - Lin Anderson
This author has been on my WWBL for a long while, but difficult to find.

I am a mood reader. Choosing from the bazillion of books on Mt Git'r'Read is difficult at times, but I go from the shelves in the closet, to the drawers in my room to meander a bit and see what hits my fancy.

Audra said...


Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

I read mostly by mood but if I have ARCs I do try to read them asap so I can pass them on to others.
Crank would be my choice!
GFC-Lisa Richards

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Christa said...

How fun! I totally spotted Beautiful Creatures... which I have yet to read! : O

ambience.of.rain {at} gmail.com

annalisa said...

Mercy Burns by Keri Arthur would be my choice. I really enjoy her books. Thanks for having this contest! :)


Unknown said...

I would pick Scorched. thanks for the giveaway

wanda f said...

I saw one on your shelf I would love love love to read.Highborn by
Yvonne Navarro is the one I long for a fallen angel ,hellspawned demons and a hot stubborn cop thats just the prefect combo for me .

Becky said...

All of them look good, so it was hard to decide which one. I would like either "Bad Blood" by L.A. Banks or "Highborn" by Yvonne Navarro or "Blue Moon" by Alyson Noel. Any of these would be nice to win. Thanks for the chance of getting one of these books from your collection of books.


Gail said...

Great Blog!

My choice would be:
Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss by Kyra Davis

I'm a follower & subscriber:)
Thanks for the chance to win!

Gail said...

Forgot to leave my email...

Linda said...

Goodness! It's an eyesight test. *Squints furiously*
I'd love a copy of Yvonne Navarro's Highborn


Unknown said...

Unfortunately I couldn't zoom in on the pics, so only saw the ones which had the biggest fonts.

I would love to win and read Hex Hall, has been on my wishlist for more than a yaer now, and I heard it is really good.

Great topic, I never know how to decide what to read next ;-D I try to read my deadline review copies, but I am a mood reader, so that's what sways me ultimately.

Thank you for the great giveaway! :-)

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

ok in the kindle, is charlain harris . (not sure if we pick from kinde oe bookshelf.

the reborn, is the only 1 i can read title that i might like

old follower

clynsg said...

This was certainly not aimed at making it even reasonably easy for someone with recent cataract surgery! Apparently I did see Dirty Rotten Tendrils, since others mention it too, so will say that one. There might be others I would like more, but who knows?

cgclynsg0 at gmail dot com

mverno said...

dirty rotton tendrils mverno@roadrunner.com

Karen said...

I'd pick Crank :)

Karen Gonyea
ktgonyea at gmail.com

Shadow said...

Thank you for the giveaway! Im not sure what all is in the pictures. I love romance books. (erotica, paranormal, ya) I would love to have Lola and the boy next door by Stephanie Perkins if you have that. :) (highly dought it, but thought id try anyways lol)

Erin Cook said...

I would like to read The Reborn by Lin Anderson

susansmoaks said...

i, alex cross by james patterson
susansmoaks at gmail dot com

Pam said...

I want to win final cut by Lin Anderson. garrettsambo@aol.com

LuckyTJG said...

"Reborn" by Lin Anderson is one book I'd really like to read.
LuckyTJG at cs dot com