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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

107) Spider's Lullaby by James R. Tuck

He lives to kill monsters. He keeps his city safe. And his silver hollow-points and back-from-the-dead abilities take out any kind of unnatural threat. But between this bad-ass bounty hunter and rescuing the most helpless of victims stands the one evil he can't defeat...

For Deacon Chalk, loyalty is worth dying for. And now that something has taken were-spider Charlotte's un-hatched children and one of his closest friends, he'll tear up the human and supernatural underworlds to find them. But with his allies stripped away by an invincible Yakuza hit man and time running out, Deacon must face down the most ancient of demonic entities. And his last hope means surrendering to the inner darkness waiting hungrily to consume him.

My Thoughts :

After enjoying the prequel novella to the Deacon Chalk series, That Thing in the Zoo, and also the debut book, Blood and Bullets, I couldn't resist reading this short story too.

Spider's Lullaby takes place between the first book and the upcoming second book, Blood and Silver and gives away little of the story so far. It is definitely a great look into the world of Deacon Chalk Occult Bounty Hunter and you get a good feel for the type of storyteller James R. Tuck is and how the series works. I have to applaud the author for writing such an exciting novella. Most writers rush short stories and miss out details but James R. Tuck managed, again, to make a short tale enjoyable.

Action is a main feature in this intense series and even though I had a few reservations after reading Blood and Bullets I am really warming up to Deacon and his crew since reading That Thing in the Zoo and Spider's Lullaby. However I have to say I am not happy with the subject matter this time around. Ewww Spiders!

With lots of detail and depth this is going to be one of those series you can really get your teeth stuck into. With an interesting and strong male lead character this series feels like Harry Dresden but much darker. I am looking forward to reading the second book and can't wait to see where things take Deacon and James. Well worth reading!

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Mardel said...

I almost bought the first book - sounds like it's definitely worth it, shaping up to be an interesting series.