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Friday, August 10, 2012

118) Blood & Silver by James R. Tuck

The Blurb :

Deacon Chalk normally has no trouble telling innocent victims from real monsters. So protecting an abused pregnant were-dog is a no-brainer...until a vicious lycanthrope leader and his brotherhood target Deacon, other shape-shifters, and any humans in their way. Suddenly, Deacon is outnumbered, outgunned, and unsure who - or what - to trust. The only edge he has left is a weapon hungry for his soul and his most savage impulses. And using it will exact a price even this hell-raising hunter fears to pay...

My Thoughts :

Blood and Silver has been on my pile of books to read for a while now but with so many other books on that pile it didn't make it to the top till this week. I have been eagerly awaiting this second full length novel in the Deacon Chalk series after thoroughly enjoying the two novellas in the series. While I enjoyed the first book in the series, Blood and Bullets, it was a little too rough for my liking. I was interested in seeing if this sequel kept to the same violent theme.

Deacon has actually turned into a really nice guy this time around and it was good to see him become a little more human. Although that doesn't change the fact that I would definitely want to be on Deacon's side in a fight because he is completely bad ass! He also seems to be good at taking in strays and getting involved in situations he could have just kept his nose out of. Or in his case, gun!

During all the non-stop action we get to see lots and lots of were creatures. They came in a variety of sizes, from big to small, and in all kinds of strange and wonderful forms. I think the were chickens were maybe a little over the top but it did make me giggle. All those weird creatures did make for great reading. It was a nice concept and a broadening of the paranormal elements the author already established in his previous stories about Deacon.

It is nice to have another male writer on the scene and it is wonderful to have one with such an amazing imagination. However it seems this series is maybe just a little too male orientated for me. While the content is a fast paced paranormal filled delight it is also extremely gritty, dark and full of violence. I am not new to this rodeo and have read my fair share of violent stories. However I found some of this book slightly overwhelming and kept thinking this is aimed at guys and not so much for the girls.

All in all I liked the story, characters and concept. What I still have a problem with is the amount of violence, the over the top gun/weapon info and continuous action. I have to admit I did enjoy the novellas more than the full length novels and despite all of this I am not giving up on the series. I still want more Deacon. It's like a horrible accident, you should just keep going and not watch but you find yourself stopping and taking the time to check it out.

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Deacon Chalk Series

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# 1 - Blood & Bullets
# 1.5 - Spider's Lullaby
# 2 - Blood & Silver (Due out on the 7th of August)

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