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Saturday, November 3, 2012

149) Sword Play by Linda Joy Singleton

The Blurb :

"Help her," insists the spirit of Kip, the jock from her old school who died in a car accident. But his cryptic message is the last thing on Sabine's mind as she packs up to move back home. She's not happy about leaving her friends, her boyfriend, and Nona who's gravely ill, but won't dare challenge her mother's orders. Besides, Sabine's also harboring hope that she can become close to her family again.

Reuniting with her fencing club brings back painful memories of getting kicked out of school and betrayed by her former best friend Brianne, now too entangled with her boyfriend to notice Sabine . . . unlike Kip's ghost who continues to nag her about someone in trouble. But Kip died alone, so who needs her help? As Sabine researches the events of that tragic night, she pieces together a shocking revelation-knowledge that leads to a dangerous duel with a surprising foe.

My Thoughts :

Seeing as I finally got a copy of book 3 in this series I could get the dusty copy of book 4 off my bookshelf! The books in this series are quick reads but they certainly are great reads. I am amazed at how much the author manages to pack into each installment. Sometimes the ending seem to come too quickly but the story always packs a nice punch and Sword Play is no exception.

This time around we get to see Sabine in her real home with her family. There are quite a few things going on with her sisters, some old friends and a ghost but it all comes together in the end. The way to this conclusion is an interesting story and I loved it.

The cliffhanger ending was the worst yet. I have added book #5 to my wishlist for Christmas but I think I am going to give in and get it sooner rather than later. I want to know if they manage to get all the charms and to find out what her dad is up to! So many questions and all so exciting!

This is a really special Young Adult series and I am glad I come across it. Grown up and not too teeny this is one for the older reader as well as the younger. I could even see some parents reading this with their kids. Would make for some great conversations.

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