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Monday, March 4, 2013

32) Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands

The Blurb :

A kiss doesn’t mean eternity . . .

Valerie Moyer doesn’t believe in vampires—until she is kidnapped by a fanged psychopath! After escaping her bloodthirsty captor, she’s through with creatures of the night. Until she finds herself under the protection of the darkly handsome Anders. Not only is she expected to accept that Anders is immortal, but also that she is the woman destined to be his life mate!

. . . Or does it?

Anders felt a connection to Valerie from the moment he cradled her bruised body in his arms. But before he claims her, he must destroy the vampire who almost stole her from him forever. His job would be easier if Valerie didn’t fight him every step of the way. Still, Anders loves a challenge, and the green-eyed beauty is worth fighting for!

My Review :

This series, like the 'vampires' within its pages, never gets old. After 17 books in the series this 18th is still fresh and new despite the usual background story. The author always manages to come up with interesting and exciting ways to get two life-mates together and everytime I love the series even more. I don't think I can ever get bored of this wonderful series.

With characters that are inspiring, this series has not only captured the paranormal lover in me but also the romantic. I am not a huge fan of lovely dovey books but this series manages to tone the love angle down while making it part of the main plot. In this 18th book the main plot revolves around a group of women being saved from a rogue immortal. Totally different from the previous books and a great story.

Anyone who has read these books or is a fan, knows how the book will end and how the immortals work. However the story of Atlantis being repeated is never boring and the story that gets the main characters together is always exciting and fun. This time around it was especially nice because the author included a lot of the previous characters.

As long as this series continues I will keep reading it. I can't get enough and pre-order them as soon as I can. Lynsay Sands has and always does a wonderful job with this series and I am looking forward to seeing which immortal gets his/her life-mate next time around. This is a must read series for me and if you like a little love in your life then you can't got wrong with this paranormal treat!

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Victoria said...

I'm anxiously awaiting a copy to arrive :).

Mardel said...

17?? That's pretty amazing. Especially that you're (and others) are still enjoying the series. I should start reading a few - I've read a couple, but not being a big romance fan, I haven't gone out of my way to read her.

I think it's great that her series is still fresh. I think that so far, the only series I'm still enjoying after many, many books are the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Even (sigh) the Sookie books have become a little tired for me...so much so that I've put off buying the last two novels.

For a change of pace, I just might pick up a Lindsey Sands novel. I do remember laughing and chuckling through the couple that I read, and that's always a plus for me - the humor. :)

Diane said...

Love this series!