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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

33) Black City by Christina Henry

The Blurb :

When Maddy finally killed her father, Azazel, she thought his depraved experiment died with him. But now Chicago has been infested with vampires immune to the effects of the sun, and the bloodbath is worse than she could have ever imagined. While the Agency refuses to interfere with other supernatural courts, Maddy is determined to do everything within her power to save her city—wings or no wings.

But when the leader of the vampires requests that she turn herself in or risk more deaths, Maddy becomes a target for the very people she’s trying to save. Left with no other choice, she turns to Lucifer, the one creature who has the power to help her. But her grandfather’s aid has always come at a price…

My Thoughts :

This is the fifth book in the series and I am extremely glad I read the previous insallment only a month ago. I don't think I would have known what was going on if I had left a long break between the two books. Things seem to be happening fast and furious in this series with the only long breaks in the story being the amount of time between them being published. Where one book ends the next one instantly begins and if you can't remember what was going on when you last left Maddy then you are really stuck.

With so much going on it is hard to keep up sometimes and I wonder how the characters manage. I was left confused about who was related to who and why by the end of this book and although the twists and turns are interesting and keep me reading I do have a little bit of a headache from wrapping my head around the mass of problems, solutions and the fights inbetween.

I felt like the author was rushing along with this book and trying to fit too much in. Maybe the next book is the last and things need to tied up? I can only wonder if and when Maddy's baby will be born. If the story keeps moving along at this pace then we will need another thirty books to cover the pregnancy. However if the next installment makes a huge leap we could be seeing a baby next time around. I wonder what is in stall for the reader in this respect.

While this is great Paranromal Urban Fantasy this time around I didn't find the story well thought out enough. Things were, as I mentioned, rushed and all over the place. The plot seemed to go where ever it wanted to with lots of elements going on at once that needed attention. I am however keeping on with this series. I am curious to see if Maddy manages to have this baby and how. Will the author think up some interesting way of the baby arriving early? Will it be the normal 9 months etc etc. These questions and more will keep me reading because you don't usually have pregnant heroines in this genre.

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Aurian said...

One day I will start this series, thanks for the review and reminder. Perhaps I need to make a monthly schedule for all the series I want to start reading.