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Monday, April 8, 2013

48) Midnight at the Oasis by Justin Gustainis

The Blurb :

A thrilling new occult investigation from Justin Gustainis, creator of the urban fantasy sleuths Quincy Morris, great-grandson of Dracula’s killer, and his partner, white witch Libby Chastain.

Seeking revenge for the U.S.’s actions in the Middle East, a terrorist cell has conjured an afreet, a deadly djinn that will strike at the very heart of America – unless Morris and Chastain can stop it first.

My Review :

I feel spoilt this month because there are two new Morris & Chastain books out at once! Actually book #4, Play with Fire was released in December but for anyone who missed it (eg. Me) and for people without an e-book reader, this is your chance to read two new installments in one go! Woohoo!

So with Play with Fire done I was eager to move on to Midnight at the Oasis. From the beginning it had a different feeling to it with Libby & Quincey taking quite a while to make their mark on the story. Getting through the first few chapters wasn't hard work, in fact they were enthralling, but I wondered when the pair of Supernatural investigators would get their teeth stuck into things. Who else would I want to see trying to stop a paranormal terrorist plan?

I am really enjoying the added characters that the author has kept weaved into the story over the past couple of books. I find the pair of demons interesting and a conflict of interest while I also have to wonder when they will be pulled back into Hell. The FBI agents add some good solid help to the situations. After all Morris & Chastain do have a lot of 'go to' people but having some help from the FBI really makes a difference. It also means the cases they are getting involved with are being well paid and higher profile.

Justin Gustainis once again managed to send me on a fantastic and exciting paranormal ride. There was, as always, never a dull moment and the author must either take a long time researching his stuff or just manages to make it sound authentic because I wouldn't have queried any of it. The small references to other popular cult media left me giggling. Especially the blood spatter analyst tip of the hat to Dexter.

Now I wait for another exciting action packed adventure with my favourite Paranormal Investigators written by my favourite male writer. Jim Butcher nearly manages to be as cool as Justin Gustainis but Harry Dresden doesn't have a amazing female sidekick. Libby & Quincey rock and I can't wait for more. Must read series!!! Don't miss out on some of the best Paranormal Urban Fantasy that there is!


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