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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

49) Poppy Done to Death by Charlaine Harris

The Blurb :

Not just any woman in Lawrenceton, Georgia, gets to be a member of the Uppity Women Book Club. But Roe's stepsister-in-law Poppy has climbed her way up the waiting list of the group-only to die on the day she's supposed to be inducted.

Sordid stories of infidelity in Poppy's marriage lead to a rash of suspects, and Roe begins to question her own heart. But her passion for the truth will drive her on-into the path of the cold-blooded killer.

My Thoughts :

The Aurora Teagarden Mystery series has been taking up a lot of my time lately. After reading the books a long time ago I decided to revisit them on Audiobook and found myself enjoying them even more than my first visit. Maybe it was the great narrator that made the stories that little bit better but it could just have been due to my not so secret love for cozy mysteries.

While all the murders throughout the series have somehow had something to do with Roe, it hasn't always been up close. So for the finale we get to see the family Roe inherited via her mothers second marriage and it was nice to finally get to know them. Sure it is always nicer to meet under better circumstances but the quick introduction in the previous book didn't give much away. We get thrown in at the deep end this time with the victim being one of her step sisters-in-law.

The title of the book gave away the person who was up for the knife. How, when, why and who were still open for answers. Being a wife and mother obviuosly wasn't time consuming enough and Poppy managed to rack up some extra curricular activities. Poppy's secrets were interesting revelations but for me it was pretty obvious who killed her. I doubted myself now and again as more skeletons came out but ultimately my first choice was the right one.

In this eighth and last installment we see Roe ready to settle down for real. Quite a few events in her life had gotten Roe to this point and it was like everything was finally coming full circle. It was obvious that the character would evolve during the series and it was easy to follow how and why. I think the changes in Roe over the last couple of books would annoy some readers though. However for me it was just the natural course of things and I can only hope that dealt the same hand that Roe had been given, I too would be strong enough to go the route she takes in this last book. I was delighted to have Roe get her happy ending and even though another book or just an epilogue would have cleared up a few loose ends, well it was a fitting end to everything.

Charlaine Harris is a great author and even though there is no vampires or anything Supernatural in this series you can still expect a great story, characters and style. This is a series I will be visiting again in a few years because it is enjoyable and pleasant to listen to. Not sure if I would read the books again but the Audio versions were just too good not to come back to again some day. Well worth trying if you like cozies or enjoyed any other Charlaine Harris books.

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Aurian said...

Thanks for the great review Amber, I will try this series some day, but not in audio.

Nancy said...

I'm glad you got through the series on audio after reading the books. I re-read them all about a year ago, and I loved them as much as the first time around!

I know Charlaine has moved on, but I'd love more of Roe - and more of the Shakespeare series, too. Ah, well, I'll just hold on to my books and read them again in a few years!

Nancy Haddock